Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I voted..... will you?


Dear Friend,

It's come down to this. After months of hard work and big hopes, we've got seven days left to change America - seven days to affirm our belief in better days ahead.

In seven days, voters across America will have the opportunity to vote for the America we dream of - to vote for a change in Washington that will allow our government to start working for the people it represents.

It's a change that means renewed efforts to make health care affordable and available for all Americans.

It's a change that means the oil companies won't be writing our energy policy so we'll have a chance for real energy independence in this country.

It's a change that means a new Iraq policy so that we can change course and start bringing our troops home.

All of this - and more, is possible - but only if you show up and VOTE.

If you stay home, and don't demand change with the power of your VOTE, we'll face two more years of the same failed leadership and the same failed course.

We can do better. We must do better.

It's this easy:

Exercise your right to VOTE.


U.S. Senator Barack Obama

From the website of Barack Obama

Sunday, October 15, 2006

One day at a time.....

One day last week, my young man was waiting at the door to my office as I arrived. Surprised that he was at work earlier than usual, he said "I wanted to spend some time with you before work today." What a wonderful way to start the day!

Actually, Friday the 13th did not start well at all. I had not slept well the night before and still half asleep, I rushed into the shower. Still sleepy, I began shaving as the PUGS ran into the bathroom and started pushing their wet cold noses against my legs wanting to go out. Startled, my hand went up and the razor nicked my ear. OUGH! I finished shaving washed my face, applied after shave, dressed and rushed to take the dogs out without a second glance in the mirror.

On my way to work, I stopped at a nearby gas station and went inside for coffee. While making coffee, an EMT who had also stopped for coffee approached me, excused herself and informed me that the right side of my face was covered in blood.

I found the closest mirror at the sunglasses display rack and seeing the blood, realized that the "nick" to my ear was not just an "OUCH" nick. The men's room was occupied and the nearest I could get to water was ice cubes and a napkin. I washed the dry blood from my face, thanked the EMT and informed her that there would be no need for the ambulance she was driving. I quietly told her that the medication I am taking is a blood thinner which could be why the bleeding had been so extensive, and proceeded on my way to work.

I thought nothing more of it and didn't mention the incident to my fellow workers. During morning break, my young man ((( whose real name is Al ))) noticed a spot of dry blood on my ear and without a word, went inside; coming back with an alcohol pad. "Your ear is bleeding" he whispered, and in front of my speechless friends and co-workers began cleaning the blood from me ear. All I could think to say was "OUCH" over and over again as the alcohol began stinging.

My friends were by now laughing when I began scolding Al.... "you're touching blood, you should know better than to touch blood without latex gloves on"! Sssssssshhhh, was all he would say. We would discuss this later, in private.

At twenty-seven years old, this young man is loving, caring, polite and sensitive beyond his years. At the same time he is wise to the streets, having been born and raised in the ghetto neighborhoods of South St. Petersburg.

As a young gay black male, Al is as comfortable socializing with the management staff of my company as he is with his straight Hip Hop brothers; many of whom work in the plant and understand there is a "something happening" between us. No one seems to care; as I've written in earlier posts this company is very gay friendly with a strong Rainbow Coalition.

Al does not only work as a temp for my company five days per week, he also works weekends in the Hospice ward of a local hospital on weekends; a strong work ethic, I am impressed.

Where this relationship is going remains uncertain. Al's temporary assignment with my company will end soon. I'm so wrapped up in the flirting, I'm hesitant to carry it to a higher level. One of my female staff told me this week that we need to leave work early one afternoon, get a motel room and "get it done"!

I laughed.....

Sometimes, it's just too much......

Some of my BLOGMASTER friends have emailed concern about me, my family and why I have not been blogging regularly lately..... my response was as follows.

Although I read blogs daily; making honest attempts to respond, I find myself unable to post. The events of the past three months have left me physically and emotionally exhausted.

My mother remains in the hospital and there is no indication of when she will be discharged home. Beginning with what was supposed to be a simple hip replacement surgery, we as a family has suffered with her as she experienced kidney failure during surgery, three weeks in intensive care on a respirator, a total of eight blood transfusions, pneumonia post surgery, as well as an infection in the surgical site, requiring further surgery to cleanse the muscles and tissue in the surrounding area.

My mother, after 7 weeks in the city hospital was finally discharged to a local hospital where she remains, receiving physical therapy on a daily basis and has begun to walk again. At last there is hope..... I think.

Today, I telephoned the hospital and there was no answer in her room. I called my dad who informed me that redness has once again appeared on my mother's surgical site. He was certain my mother had been taken for x-rays to determine if an infection has not once again developed. We live one day at a time.

On the home front, I have been living in the same cottage for 15 years and was informed that my landlord died two weeks ago. My landlord also lived in Canada and his wife who hates Florida, will be selling this property to a local attorney who wants to build a parking lot on the site. I am going to be moving, most likely to St. Petersburg (where I work) but a time frame has not been established. The dogs and I are deeply rooted in this neighborhood and this will be a very difficult move.

Daisy my Pug, who I aquired 12 years ago when she was only 6 weeks old has developed canine cognitive dementia and her silly puppylike antics as she began to revert to puppy hood are no longer amusing but rather sad. Arthritis has set in and she is beginning to have a difficult time walking and tires easily. Medication is helping, and we will keep her home, comfortable and pain free until she chooses to leave us. I have had extensive conversations with a group of vetenarians and it's been agreed that surgery and euthanasia will not be options. As I type, she is at the door angrily barking at a neighborhood cat walking my.

The everloving MUGGS has become our caregiver; always by my side and sleeping next to Daisy at night to keep her warm.

Through your prayers and positive energy, we will survive!