Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year Fantasy

What a delightful way to spend New Years Eve!
Brazilian twins Flavio and Gustavo....

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays!

This blog has now reached 30,000 hits; including almost 8,000 visitors from 101 countries during the last six months. To all of you, and especially to the wonderful men and women I call my BLOGMASTERS, I THANK YOU!

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season filled with happiness and love!



Saturday, December 23, 2006


Friday, December 22, 2006


In celebration of the Winter Solstice ~ Yule ~

To some very special friends in blogland

I wish you Peace, Love and Joy!


Thursday, December 21, 2006


Publishing this photograph is in no way an indication that I will be volunteering to work on this man's campaign if he should decide to run for the presidency in 2008.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Snowbird Invasion

There are disadvantages to living in a resort area, especially within walking distance to a beach......... especially in the winter, in Florida.

The snowbirds have arrived and it's estimated that 800,000 will be relocating to Florida during this season!

Driving the local roads for the next three months will be unbearable. This will be most evident in the evenings, just as we try to get home from a day of work. It's "early bird special" time in local restaurants, and damn how they love those early bird specials.

It will be easy to spot them. The ones with the tans, stopping by the local Hess station to purchase gasoline, and whatever....... 300 pounds of woman stuffed into a two piece bathing suit walking in barefoot while the locals are wearing sweaters, jackets, hats and gloves attempting to stay warm in misreable 68 degree weather; although I have to admit the weather today was a very comfortable, short wearing 82 degrees.

Accidents will increase as they become lost, disoriented, or in many cases are simply much too old to be driving. (true snowbirds usually stay in Florida for between 3 to 6 months and are therefore retired, age range from 65-95).

Mix all of the above with those here on vacation (1-2 weeks) who really have no clue where they're going, and those here for Spring Break who spend the entire week drunk, and it's easy to understand how happy we are when Easter comes along and the exodus back to the north begins.

On the other hand, things might not be a total disaster.......

I may just make a few stops at the beach!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Say it ain't so......

It seems that Project for the Old American Century - liberal news from unbiases sources - and one of my favorite reference engines has been hacked....

Please note that dondon009 and company (two pugs), are in no way affiliated with repuglicans. This household consisting of dondon009 and the aforementioned pugs have always been and continue to be proud DEMOCRATS!

This just in......

"A top general at the Pentagon said the war on terror could take 100 years to fight. President Bush was furious about the 100 year prediction and said 'stop setting a fixed timetable' ".

Conan O'Brian, host of Late Nite.

Monday, December 11, 2006

With less than two weeks to go until Christmas I haven't made any effort to purchase or/and send cards and have not had the motivation/energy to decorate. For the second time since Thanksgiving when I was sick and out of work for two days, I have a cold.
My nose is so red I could easily do a stand-in for Rudolph. Hot home made chicken soup, tea with lemon and honey, Nyquil, Alka Seltzer Plus, Vicks Vapo Rub, Tylenol severe cold medicine, saline nasal spray with eucalyptus, orange juice and three boxes of Kleenex super soft tissues; I've tried them all..... bed rest, I've been in bed for 46 out of 48 hours this weekend.

This has all put me in a very badddd mood, thus the previous post.

I'm tired....... maybe it's time for a visit to the doctor.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I woke up Monday morning and decided that it's time to make some changes in my life.... with the primary focus being on my relationships.


Although he doesn't know it yet, William, my "friend with benefits" is going to become my friend. I realized during the past few months that after six years, I seem to be caring about him more than when this relationship began. William will always have a woman in his life, I will remain the "friend with benefits". I'm tired of being the "other" person. It's over!

Al is a kind, loving, caring, twenty-six year old who follows me around like a lost puppy. Oh so cute...... but I'm tired of cute. I'm tired of immature. I'm tired, period.... Although he doesn't know it yet, It's over!

Get out of my way, I'm cleaning house.

Monday, December 04, 2006


The Pobble wrote that during the Christmas holidays, she watches three different versions of A Christmas Carol, asking her readers about individual traditions.

Tradition in my home begins on Thanksgiving nite when after spending the day cooking, eating and watching football games, I wind down by watching Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If anyone remembers the play/movie/book Auntie Mame and wished they had an aunt like Mame (I know I did), Sophie Kringle just happens to have a Mame, although this one is named Auntie Claus.

Auntie Claus lives high atop the Bing Cherry Hotel - in Penthouse 25C, of course! Her penthouse glitters with Christmas lights all year long and she serves Christmas cookies at teatime - even in July. That's Auntie mysterioso!

As it begins getting close to Christmas and Auntie Claus prepares to head off to her annual business trip, young Sophie Kringle decides to find out the truth: "Who is my Auntie Claus, really?"

Go along with Sophie to a faraway world that leads straight to the heart of Christmas. Oh and don't forget your mittens!

In the second book by author/illustrator Elise Primavera, Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas, it's getting toward Christmas and Christopher Kringle, Sophie's little brother begins to misbehave just prior to Auntie Claus leaving on her annual "business trip". Sophie takes matters into her own hands and before Chris can say Ho! Ho! Ho!" he's headed for the North Pole. But when he arrives, the gates to Christmas are locked. In this companion to Auntie Claus, readers join Christopher Kringle on a magical journey--and discover that anything is possible as long as you have the key to Christmas! Both of the above books are read out loud to the PUGS!

The week before Christmas, the PUGS and I always watch The Muppets Christmas Carol. Miss Piggy has always been one of my favorite ladies and for many years, Daisy and I would visit the local nursing home on Christmas Day taking along our Miss Piggy doll dressed as Mrs. Claus. The nursing home residents loved it!

I never go out on Christmas Eve preferring to remain at home with those I love the most, THE PUGS. I haven't got the patience to wait until Christmas Day to open gifts, which means paper and clutter all over the living room floor; but not before I've read "The Night Before Christmas" with both PUGS on my lap.

All of this does not mean that I'm reclusive during the holidays. There are three parties on the calender, Christmas day with my family and New Years Eve with my friends....... It's that time of the year!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Let it snow.....

This morning, I took a walk into town to purchase my Sunday papers and overheard a woman standing in front of me telling the person in front of her how she misses the cold weather and snow and can't wait to move back to Buffalo.

I'm not certain how anyone can actually miss snow. I'm not certain why anyone would want to move to Buffalo. I remember cold weather, snow and Buffalo. I remember the freezing cold and the pain of frost bite on my fingers. I will never forget the freezing cold in Buffalo because according to my doctors, that frost bite is what initially caused the lifelong painful arthritis I now have in both hands.

I don't miss the snow and ice in Boston. I remember the fear of falling on the sheets of ice covering the sidewalks of Tremont Street as my friends and I were going to the theater to see the Nutcracker Ballet.

I don't miss the snow in Canada. I remember hosting my parents 50th wedding anniversary several years ago. I remember fearing that cars would go off the country roads on their way to and from the reception. I remember having to scrape the ice of the windshield of my car. I remember the cold sore I developed on my upper lip two days before the reception. I remember shaving it off just prior to the reception because it was just too ugly.

It was November and I stopped in Boston to visit friends on my way back to Florida. We were in a local pub when my friend Jimmy announced, "hey Don, it's snowing outside". I went outside to see my first snow flake in more than 5 years. I rentered the pub and announced, "nice snow, glad I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Florida"!

Let it snow all you like..... just not in my backyard!

It's 82 degrees here today. Meet me on Clearwater Beach.....

Friday, December 01, 2006


AIDS is a story often told by numbers. 40 million infected with HIV. 5 million just last year. 12 million orphans in Africa. 8,000 deaths and 6,000 new infections every single day. In some places, 90% of those with HIV do not know they have it. And we just learned that AIDS is set to become the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide in the coming years.

These numbers are staggering and they help us understand the magnitude of this pandemic. But when repeated by themselves, statistics can also numb - they can hide the individual stories and tragedies and hopes of those who live the daily drama of this disease.

We must realize that the AIDS victim in Africa presents us with the same challenge as the gang member in South Central, or the Katrina victim in New Orleans, or the uninsured mother in North Dakota.

With an estimated 1.1 million HIV- positive individuals living in the U.S., and approximately 40,000 new infections occurring every year, the U.S., like other nations around the world is deeply affected by HIV/AIDS. Women of color account for 80 percent of all women estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS.

We can turn away from these Americans, and blame their problems on themselves, and embrace a politics that's punitive and petty, divisive and small.

Or we can embrace another tradition of politics - a tradition that has stretched from the days of our founding to the glory of the civil rights movement, a tradition based on the simple idea that we have a stake in one another - and that what binds us together is greater than what drives us apart, and that if enough people believe in the truth of that proposition and act on it, then we might not solve every problem, but we can get something meaningful done for the people with whom we share this Earth.


Saturday, November 25, 2006


White Ribbon Day was created by a handful of Canadian men in 1991 on the second anniversary of one man's massacre of 14 women in Montreal. They began the White Ribbon Campaign to urge men to speak out against violence against women.


In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared November 25 the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (IDEVAW) and the White Ribbon has become the symbol for the day.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

I'm not at all comfortable in a crowd, especially in an enclosed area and although I love a bargain, there was no way I would be battling the post Thanksgiving shopping rush/crush.

But the thought of purchasing recently released DVD's for $3.95 was just too much of a temptation; I would stop by Target on my way to work this morning. Which I did....

It was 6:20 AM as I entered the store and immediately noticed the lines at the registers were approximately 20 deep. I exited the store.


As for the term Black Friday when referring to the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving, it's been noted that employees of retail stores have for years referred to Black Friday in a satirical way, to note the extremely stressful and hectic nature of the day. Heavy traffic and customer demands added to the long hours make it a difficult day.

Another theory is that retailers traditionally operated at a financial loss for most of the year (January through November) and made their profit during the holiday season. When this would be recorded in the financial records, common accounting practices use red ink to show negative amounts and black ink would show positive amounts. Black Friday is the beginning of the period where they would no longer have losses (the red) and instead take in the year's profits (the black).

I just had to look this up!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When I informed the Pobble that I would once again begin blogging on a regular basis, I made the mistake of promising to blog daily until January 1, 2007. I also added, "if I miss a day of blogging, call me because there's something wrong".

I hadn't planned on getting the "cold from HELL"!

Monday at work, along with several of my co-workers, I became congested, chills, fever, etc. Two members of my staff went home while I decided to try to make it through the day; becoming more and more congested.

I arrived home, walked and fed the dogs after which I hit the bed. Blogging was the last thing on my mind.

On Tuesday morning, I received the following e-mail from the Pobble.

[You didn't post yesterday. Your cell phone isn't accepting calls and your home line is busy. I will try your work here in a bit.]

I immediately telephoned the Pobble to reassure her that I wasn't dead, just trying to recover from this nasty virus and much too weak to blog. I went back to bed, where I've been for the past two days.

Today, I'm feeling a bit better although still weak.

I remind myself that although I love the independence of living alone and treasure my privacy, it's times like these when it would be heavenly to have a live-in.

In the meantime, I thank the Pobble for caring.........

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Making promises, keeping promises....

In order to succeed in 2008, Democrats are going to have to fulfill campaign promises made during the 2006 elections....

Congress needs a thorough cleaning; breaking the link between lobbyists and legislation with no new deficit spending.

The recommendations of the independent, bipartisan 9/11 Commission need to be implemented.

Raise the minimum wage and refuse to pass a pay raise for Congress until there is an increase in the minimum wage.

Make health care more affordable for all. Begin by fixing the Medicare prescription drug program, putting seniors first by negotiating lower drug prices.

Promote stem cell research to offer real hope to the millions of American families who suffer from devastating diseases.

Energize America by achieving energy independence. Begin by rolling back the multi-billion dollar subsidies for Big Oil.

Guarantee a dignified retirement by fighting any attempt to privatize Social Security.

It's easy to make promises. Keeping those promises just might be a bit more difficult.

Sprouting testicles is fine for the moment..... as long as we can keep them from "shrinking" back into oblivion!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

When yes means no.....

Two weeks ago, I was invited to the wedding of a former staff member. The wedding is casual, no response required on the invitation. Most of my fellow workers were also invited and I happily informed them that I would attend.

Yesterday afternoon as they were discussing the wedding and plans to go out clubbing afterwards, I told them I wasn't sure of going. No reason, just that I would most likely not be attending. This did not go over very well.

The wedding is today and I have mixed emotions about not attending. I can think of many possible excuses, none valid. No one wants to hear "I just don't feel like going"; but it's the truth.

I have a very difficult time saying NO. When I say yes to a party invitation, the response is usually "great, looking forward to seeing you there"; but when I say no, I usually get something like "oh dammit why not... it will be fun, you'll have a great time" or most recently "you never show up for anything". This all makes me feel guilty; thus the standard answer: "Yes, I will attend, I'd love to go".

Of course now, I'll have to listen to my friends bitch on Monday morning......... and the standard "We knew you wouldn't show up!"

Which reminds me, also on Monday I will pay to attend the company Christmas Party. Oh, I know I said I would go last year but didn't show up but this year, it's a GO.

Or is it?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Welcomed Changes

I'm once again beginning to enjoy reading the newspaper......


Finally, we have good news coming out of Washington!

One day at a time, one step at a time.

Sen. Barbara Boxera one of the biggest environmental advocates on Capitol Hill, was named today to chair the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Boxer will replace Republican Jim Inhofe, who calls global warming a hoax and wanted to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency created by President Nixon.

Democrats are expected to focus on cutting pollution that's blamed for global warming and speeding up the pace of toxic waste cleanup.

They're also expected to reverse tax and regulatory breaks for oil and energy producers and turning the government back toward stricter protections for endangered species.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's time.......

Last Friday during my lunch hour, friends and I stopped by Bath and Body Works where I found a wonderfully scented body/hand lotion called Sensual Amber. I loved the scent and couldn't wait to use it.

Returning to work, I applied a generous amount of Sensual Amber to my hands and passed the desk of one of my staff. "How do you like the smell of my new hand lotion?" I asked. Her too quick response was "I smell cigarette smoke". UUGH!

I then began to wonder if everyone I come in contact with (non-smokers) can smell the tell tale signs of my cigarette addiction.

I don't smoke in my home because I don't want to expose the PUGS to second hand smoke, yet I'm perfectly willing to pollute my lungs. It makes no sense..... time to quit smoking again.

Every year, smokers across the nation take part in the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout® by smoking less or quitting for the day on the third Thursday of November. The event challenges people to stop using tobacco and raises awareness of the many effective ways to quit for good.

Today is the day. I'm going for it; one second at a time, one minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time.......

It's time!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


There was a time, not very long ago when I would post almost daily and then my world turned upside down. My mother's three month hospitalization, Daisy my PUG dogs' diagnosis of Canine Cognitive Dementia and attempting to establish some semblance of a relationship with a new friend drained me of most of my energy. I could not even turn the computer on much less read blogs, comment or write.

It has been the roller coaster ride from HELL!

On November 9, I read a post by my dear friend THE WORD GODDESS (aka The Pobble)who is seems was also having a difficult time blogging. This dear friend used the term "stuck-ness" to describe her inabiliity to post more regularly and vowed to begin blogging on a daily basis for the next 30 days. I loved the term "stuck-ness" and responded with my own vow to begin blogging today and to blog daily until January 1, 2007.



After three months and one day in the hospital with what was supposed to be a simple hip replacement surgery, my mother is finally home! We spoke today and needless to say, both she and my father are much relieved. My mother will continue receiving in home physican therapy and nursing assistance until she is able to transfer to and from her wheechair and ambulate independently but we remain hopeful. The most important thing is she's home.

LOVE YOU......

Can anyone tell me exactly what that means? Last Friday, when I was leaving work Al said "Love you". After three months, this caught me completely off guard and my only response was "me too". Does that mean I love myself? If you love me and need to tell me so, please have the consideration of saying "I LOVE YOU" or better still, show me that love my by your actions. I don't need to hear the words.

I understand this may sound petty or worse still, harsh but I seem to be hearing this term (love you) used more and more frequently in casual conversation and even in multiple e-mails. It seems to have lost it's true meaning.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I voted..... will you?


Dear Friend,

It's come down to this. After months of hard work and big hopes, we've got seven days left to change America - seven days to affirm our belief in better days ahead.

In seven days, voters across America will have the opportunity to vote for the America we dream of - to vote for a change in Washington that will allow our government to start working for the people it represents.

It's a change that means renewed efforts to make health care affordable and available for all Americans.

It's a change that means the oil companies won't be writing our energy policy so we'll have a chance for real energy independence in this country.

It's a change that means a new Iraq policy so that we can change course and start bringing our troops home.

All of this - and more, is possible - but only if you show up and VOTE.

If you stay home, and don't demand change with the power of your VOTE, we'll face two more years of the same failed leadership and the same failed course.

We can do better. We must do better.

It's this easy:

Exercise your right to VOTE.


U.S. Senator Barack Obama

From the website of Barack Obama

Sunday, October 15, 2006

One day at a time.....

One day last week, my young man was waiting at the door to my office as I arrived. Surprised that he was at work earlier than usual, he said "I wanted to spend some time with you before work today." What a wonderful way to start the day!

Actually, Friday the 13th did not start well at all. I had not slept well the night before and still half asleep, I rushed into the shower. Still sleepy, I began shaving as the PUGS ran into the bathroom and started pushing their wet cold noses against my legs wanting to go out. Startled, my hand went up and the razor nicked my ear. OUGH! I finished shaving washed my face, applied after shave, dressed and rushed to take the dogs out without a second glance in the mirror.

On my way to work, I stopped at a nearby gas station and went inside for coffee. While making coffee, an EMT who had also stopped for coffee approached me, excused herself and informed me that the right side of my face was covered in blood.

I found the closest mirror at the sunglasses display rack and seeing the blood, realized that the "nick" to my ear was not just an "OUCH" nick. The men's room was occupied and the nearest I could get to water was ice cubes and a napkin. I washed the dry blood from my face, thanked the EMT and informed her that there would be no need for the ambulance she was driving. I quietly told her that the medication I am taking is a blood thinner which could be why the bleeding had been so extensive, and proceeded on my way to work.

I thought nothing more of it and didn't mention the incident to my fellow workers. During morning break, my young man ((( whose real name is Al ))) noticed a spot of dry blood on my ear and without a word, went inside; coming back with an alcohol pad. "Your ear is bleeding" he whispered, and in front of my speechless friends and co-workers began cleaning the blood from me ear. All I could think to say was "OUCH" over and over again as the alcohol began stinging.

My friends were by now laughing when I began scolding Al.... "you're touching blood, you should know better than to touch blood without latex gloves on"! Sssssssshhhh, was all he would say. We would discuss this later, in private.

At twenty-seven years old, this young man is loving, caring, polite and sensitive beyond his years. At the same time he is wise to the streets, having been born and raised in the ghetto neighborhoods of South St. Petersburg.

As a young gay black male, Al is as comfortable socializing with the management staff of my company as he is with his straight Hip Hop brothers; many of whom work in the plant and understand there is a "something happening" between us. No one seems to care; as I've written in earlier posts this company is very gay friendly with a strong Rainbow Coalition.

Al does not only work as a temp for my company five days per week, he also works weekends in the Hospice ward of a local hospital on weekends; a strong work ethic, I am impressed.

Where this relationship is going remains uncertain. Al's temporary assignment with my company will end soon. I'm so wrapped up in the flirting, I'm hesitant to carry it to a higher level. One of my female staff told me this week that we need to leave work early one afternoon, get a motel room and "get it done"!

I laughed.....

Sometimes, it's just too much......

Some of my BLOGMASTER friends have emailed concern about me, my family and why I have not been blogging regularly lately..... my response was as follows.

Although I read blogs daily; making honest attempts to respond, I find myself unable to post. The events of the past three months have left me physically and emotionally exhausted.

My mother remains in the hospital and there is no indication of when she will be discharged home. Beginning with what was supposed to be a simple hip replacement surgery, we as a family has suffered with her as she experienced kidney failure during surgery, three weeks in intensive care on a respirator, a total of eight blood transfusions, pneumonia post surgery, as well as an infection in the surgical site, requiring further surgery to cleanse the muscles and tissue in the surrounding area.

My mother, after 7 weeks in the city hospital was finally discharged to a local hospital where she remains, receiving physical therapy on a daily basis and has begun to walk again. At last there is hope..... I think.

Today, I telephoned the hospital and there was no answer in her room. I called my dad who informed me that redness has once again appeared on my mother's surgical site. He was certain my mother had been taken for x-rays to determine if an infection has not once again developed. We live one day at a time.

On the home front, I have been living in the same cottage for 15 years and was informed that my landlord died two weeks ago. My landlord also lived in Canada and his wife who hates Florida, will be selling this property to a local attorney who wants to build a parking lot on the site. I am going to be moving, most likely to St. Petersburg (where I work) but a time frame has not been established. The dogs and I are deeply rooted in this neighborhood and this will be a very difficult move.

Daisy my Pug, who I aquired 12 years ago when she was only 6 weeks old has developed canine cognitive dementia and her silly puppylike antics as she began to revert to puppy hood are no longer amusing but rather sad. Arthritis has set in and she is beginning to have a difficult time walking and tires easily. Medication is helping, and we will keep her home, comfortable and pain free until she chooses to leave us. I have had extensive conversations with a group of vetenarians and it's been agreed that surgery and euthanasia will not be options. As I type, she is at the door angrily barking at a neighborhood cat walking my.

The everloving MUGGS has become our caregiver; always by my side and sleeping next to Daisy at night to keep her warm.

Through your prayers and positive energy, we will survive!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Getting Better Every Day!

On the homefront, I just finished a telephone call to my mother who has finally been discharged from the city hospital to the local hospital which is a rehab hospital.......

It's been a long emotion filled two months since she first entered the hospital for what was supposed to have been an uncomplicated hip replacement surgery.

She was informed today that discharge home will probably be within the next two weeks, depending on how she progresses with physical therapy. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we as a family are relieved.

Thank you once again for your prayers and positive energy. It's been so much appreciated.....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two Gay Soldiers Wed

You can ask, they can tell: Gay soldiers wed in Spain

SEVILLE, SPAIN - The Spanish military - once a crusty remnant of a right-wing regime closely linked to the Roman Catholic Church - got its first public taste of gay marriage Friday as two male soldiers wed, sealing their union with gold rings and a long kiss.

Alberto Linero, 27, and Alberto Sanchez, 24, both privates in the air force, exchanged vows at Seville's town hall - the first known wedding among same-sex members of the military since Spain legalized gay marriage last year.

The Defense Ministry has said it considers the wedding a personal matter and the men will be allowed to continue with their careers.

The men were married by Seville Mayor Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirin, who said their wedding marked a victory for gay people everywhere who have suffered discrimination.

The mayor is a member of the Socialist Party, which oversees a government that legalized gay marriage and pushed through laws like fast-track divorce and easier terms for medically assisted fertilization.

The laws irked the church and the conservative establishment, which has accused the government of harming the nation's traditional values.

Besides Spain, the Netherlands, Canada and Belgium have legalized same-sex marriage, while Britain and other European countries have laws that give same-sex couples the right to form legally binding partnerships.

In the United States, only the state of Massachusetts allows gay marriage, while Vermont and Connecticut permit civil unions.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Friend With Benefits!

I was reading the Sunday Times and enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning when he drove by, saw me and stopped to say hello. He had worked until 1:00 A.M. at an area restaurant after which he had gone partying all nite with friends. His girlfriend Michelle would be on a rampage. I was amused.

We talked for a few minutes and he asked if he could take a shower. "After working all evening and partying all nite, I think a shower's a great idea", I responded, laughing. He went inside while I continued reading, smoked a cigarette and was finishing my coffee when I heard his call "hey Don, come here".

I walked into the bedroom and there he was, laying in the center of my bed, naked and waiting. This was not a first.......

We've been "friends" for more than six years now; my bad boy and I, and there's no indication that the "friendship" will ever end. We very much enjoy hanging out; talking for hours, having a few drinks, watching Sunday afternoon and/or Monday night football.

We also very much enjoy each other sexually.

The woman he lives with knows who I am, knows we're friends. What she doesn't realize is that we're also "friends with benefits".

Michelle is the third woman he's lived with in the six years that we've been friends. I've known all of them, liked none of them but have always been relieved that he's living with a woman. I couldn't/wouldn't tolerate another man in the picture and I can't begin to imagine having a full time relationship with him.

It's been this way for six years and we never seem to become bored with each other. He never questions what I've done, where I've been or who I've been with. In my own way, I love him although I'm not in love with him.........

I write about William today because he needs to be mentioned. He's a part of my life.

I thought two weeks ago was the best it's ever been. Today was even better.......

Tomorrow, back to flirting with "my young man" at work!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The 009 Week in Review


After more than one month in the hospital, my mother went back into surgery on Thursday evening. The additional surgery was required to repair some of the muscle damage that occurred during the initial hip replacement surgery.

Surgery was successful and there was no need for an extended stay in ICU. She has returned to her private hospital room and we as a family are hopeful that this is finally the beginning of the road to complete recovery. Emotionally, it's difficult to explain how we feel. One day at a time...........


EYE CANDY .... warms the heart and is good for the soul!

Why is this man smiling?
I am still loving it........ and no, we have NOT HOOKED UP yet!


Well, she may not have had much of a chance to exercise her vocal chords, but she certainly does have an ear; since I monopolized a one hour, three minute and fourty second telephone conversation with the one and only BLOGZIE!

A truly lovely lady..... who has indeed a very lovely voice. What a wonderful experience!



Voter turnout in Florida was pathetic to say the least, with the voting republicans outnumbering the voting democrats by a wide margin. This is very disappointing!
Have we gone MAD?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A New Interest

He looked up as I walked by, giving me one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen and despite my depression and preoccupation with my mothers illness, I managed a smile back.

On my way back to the office, I noticed that he wasn't wearing work gloves which are required in shipping and receiving. "Put some gloves on" was all I could think to say as he looked up and smiled again.

The following day I again went to the supply area and as I entered he saw me, smiled and waved; showing me that he was wearing the required safety gloves. I nodded and proceeded to the training area where my clients are learning job skills.
I interviewed my clients and their skills trainers; remembering to ask my staff on the way out who the "cutie" working in the shipping was. No one seemed to know him, only that he was temporary staff. The young man is half my age and I am not at all interested, but dammit I am not blind!

The following day, I arrive at work to find one of my skills trainers knocking on my office door. "I know who cutie is", she tells me, all excited. He just happens to be GAY and I mentioned that "someone has their eye on you". She then told him who I was and his reply was "that's a good thing".

"That's a good thing?"

"OH MY GOD Mel, what the fuck have you done, the man is more than half my age!"

I don't want to become involved with anyone at this time; especially someone that young. We have nothing in common. NOTHING!

We have a saying at work which has never before applied to me. "Never fish where you swim"...... this means nothing to me (I can't swim), but there are/have been several affairs and more than a few relationships and even marriages within this company.

I've decided to go fishing.

I introduce myself, we shake hands and I begin to leave; only to have him follow me. We talk briefly and he mentions that we should meet for lunch some weekend.

Great, everyone will think I'm his father....... well, not exactly his father as there are certain very obvious ethnic differences between us. Ebonics, anyone?

I find out thru one of my co-workers that his last relationship with a man my age recently ended. They were together five years and remain friends.

Four weeks later (I'm just a bit slow), the flirtations continue. We shake hands each time we see each other, sometimes holding hands a bit too long. It's become obvious to most of the corporation; no one seems to care. My boss refers to him as "your young man".

It's great to work for an organization with a zero tolerance for discrimination of any sort policy, including sexual orientation.

We have not been out socially yet and I'm not certain we ever will (meeting for lunch has been mentioned). I seem to be enjoying "the game" too much to allow anything more substantial to develop.

Stay tuned...........

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One day at a time....

Getting better every day!

I was able to speak to my mother Sunday. After three weeks in Intensive Care, she has been moved to a private hospital room. She is expected to make a full recovery and will hopefully soon be transferred to a rehab hospital much closer to their home. This will make it much easier for my dad to visit who has been driving the more than 100 miles round trip daily since August 3rd. They will be married 63 years in December and still very much devoted to each other..... Amazing!

I plan on being in Canada when my mother is finally discharged home and will spend time helping her readjust to full independence.

I thank you all for the prayers and positive energy...... it was desperately needed and remains very much appreciated!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I spoke with my mother today. After more than two weeks in Intensive Care, she has made significant improvement and has been transferred into a private room.

The healing process will be slow, but with a positive attitude and extensive physical therapy she will eventually walk out of the hospital and this will all have been a horrific nightmare.

We thank you all for your prayers and positive energy. You are all a very important part of my blogging family and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

My sister arrives back in Florida tomorrow and I will be going to Canada mid-September.

It's time to allow my mother to recover and my father to rest without all the drama family tends to generate.

THANK YOU, once again!


Saturday, August 12, 2006

On July 9, 2006 I joined my family in Las Vegas to celebrate the wedding of my only nephew and godson, Marc and his beautiful bride Kim. Life was grand~

On August 9, 2006 one month later my mother has been in the Intensive Care Unit of a New Brunswick, Canada hospital since August 3rd.

It's been a nightmare from HELL!


My mother entered the hospital to undergo a seemingly uncomplicated hip replacement surgery. The surgery in itself was successful but there were "complications".

Complications is an understatement. I telephoned the hospital after the surgery to be told that my mother was in the intensive care unit on a ventilator and being examined by a kidney specialist. Ventilator, kidney specialist; what the fuck?

I telephoned my dad who had just spent the entire day at the hospital. He was physically and emotionally exhausted. I asked if he felt that my sister and I should fly to Canada; if for no other reason but to offer emotional support to both him and my mother but he said no, wait a few days to see what develops.

After a sleepless night, I telephoned my sister who decided that one of us should be there and stated that she would fly out the following day. It would be easier if she went first and I would follow either on an emergency basis or to take turns staying with my father.

My parents live in a small village in northern Canada approximately 2600 miles from Florida. One flight per day, two connections, 11:30 hours total flying time, six days per week.

On Saturday, I telephoned and was able to speak with my mother. She sounded very weak but hopeful.

My sister telephoned daily with updates and I telephoned daily to speak with my mothers' doctors.

Last Monday I telephoned and my mother who was in much better spirits was able to tell me she had received 4 pints of blood. Blood transfusions (she has now had a total of 7 pints), what the fuck? Another telephone call to her physician. My mothers' blood was too thin, platelet count low, whatever.

On Thursday, I telephoned the hospital and asked to speak to my mother. Sorry, she is unavailable having been taken for chest x-rays. CHEST X-RAYS? Possible pneumonia.

Last evening, I telephoned my dad. Things are slowly returning to some semblance of normalcy. My mother is off the ventilator, no more blood transfusions, some fluid on the lungs but not pneumonia. There is a possibility that after 10 days, she will be transferred out of ICU early next week.

Tonite, I telephoned my dad. My mother is back on the ventilator, but in better spirits. She finally ate for the first time yesterday and again tonite.

My sister will remain in Canada until the 21st of August after which I will fly up and remain until we're certain life has somewhat stablized.

My mother and father are both 82 years old but to my sister and I, age is not a factor. We are not at this time and will probably never be comfortable with letting go.

I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and I thank you.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Human Rights Watch asked Jamaican officials Thursday why the prime suspect in the stabbing deaths of a lesbian couple, the latest in a series of apparently homophobic killings there, has not even been questioned a month later. The decomposing remains of Candice Williams and Phoebe Myrie were found June 29 in a sealed septic pit behind the home they shared in Taylor Land, Bull Bay, St. Andrew.

The women had last been seen alive by Williams' mother 11 days earlier. An autopsy revealed that they died from multiple stab wounds. A police inspector told the Jamaica Star that a lead suspect had been identified -- Williams' former partner, Dwayne Lewis, the father of her year-old child.

Lewis had encouraged Williams to experiment sexually with women, a relative told police. His attitude changed when she "slowly progressed from a bisexual to an outright lesbian, which led her to end the relationship," according to the statement. Conflict then arose between Lewis and Williams over custody of the child, the relative said.

"We . . . should apprehend (Lewis) before next week," Inspector Hornet Williams (no relation to the deceased) told the newspaper July 6. "We are now appealing to Mr. Lewis that he come to the station as we need to ask him some questions."

Nearly a month after the bodies were discovered, Lewis has not been questioned, much less arrested, Human Rights Watch director Scott Long wrote Jamaican Minister of National Security Peter David Phillips.

"As you know, Human Rights Watch has documented an atmosphere of homophobic intolerance and violence in Jamaica, and a pattern of indifference or reluctance to investigate such violence on the part of the police," Long wrote Thursday.

"The apparent absence of further investigative steps, including the fact that the alleged suspect has not yet even been questioned, has led local advocates to express concerns to Human Rights Watch about the level of commitment to identifying and prosecuting the murderer," he wrote.

"Recognizing that the women may have been 'killed because they were good friends,' moreover, means recognizing that they may have been victims of a documented pattern of homophobic violence."

Sunday, July 23, 2006


He's finally lost his mind!

Actually, I haven't lost a damned thing; just a little bit tired of this oppressive heat and longing for some cool weather. I was simply checking back on some of my previous templates today and looking at this template made me feel just a little bit cooler........... so I thought I would share! Now back to the toothache.....

............................................... Christmas Tooth Fairy


Three weeks later, the broken tooth (third from center right) called the eye tooth is causing me to go blind with anger. I've come to terms with the fact that the tooth has to go...... not a problem, right? Of course it's a problem. First of all, "dentists" don't extract teeth anymore. You are referred to an "oral surgeon" for extractions. Then, there's the dental plan which most oral surgeons don't accept; leaving a very short list of choices. And then, of course the dreaded appointment.

"The doctor can see you in three weeks." EXCUSE ME? I'm in PAIN dammit! I've already taken a full course of antibiotics and pain killers. If this isn't taken care of NOW, I'm gonna have to start another course of medication and I don't want to do that. If the damned tooth has gotta go, it's gotta go NOW. And by the way, what about the bridge to replace the missing tooth?

"Well now, that will take approximately two weeks after the broken tooth is extracted."

Two days later, I receive a telephone call from the oral surgeon. The tooth can be removed Tuesday. All is well until the following morning when I receive another telephone call from the oral surgeon..... the extraction is not covered by your dental insurance plan!

Another call to my insurance provider..... yes it is covered, no it's not, yes it is, no it's not!

Back home that evening, I check the referral form from my primary care dentist. He's marked the wrong tooth for extraction.

Holy fucking shit!

Does anybody out there have a good pair of pliers?

Gay in the NFL

Esera Tuaolo

"I have always known what I was, even before I knew what gay meant. I grew up poor on a banana plantation in Hawaii, the youngest of eight kids. We went to Pentecostal church with my mother, and that's where I learned how to sing. But from a young age, I knew that I was different. I was attracted to men." Esera Tuaolo

"I settled into my stance for the last play of Super Bowl XXXIII. The field glowed under the lights. Flashbulbs popped around the stadium. We, the Atlanta Falcons, faced the Denver Broncos led by their superstar quarterback John Elway. Denver had the ball with a 34-19 lead. I lined up at my usual position, nose guard, across from the Denver center, who was poised to snap the ball to Elway. My knuckles gripped the turf.

The Broncos quarterback took the snap and dropped to his knee to let the clock run out. I touched him first. When the ball carrier is on the ground, someone on the defense must at least touch him so he's ruled down. Since I touched Elway, I was credited with the tackle.

A routine play, but it terrified me. And that was not the first time. That game and that play were televised to one billion people around the globe. Someone could have recognized me and blown my cover. In the past, whenever my image appeared on the screen -- when I made a big play, sang the national anthem -- I lived with the fear that I might be outed. This was January 31, 1999, and at that point I had been playing for eight years in the NFL. Before that, I had played four years of college football. In all that time, not one teammate, coach, or sportswriter knew I was gay.

The National Football League is the number one entertainment in the world, and the Super Bowl is its showcase event. Media from all over -- places like Japan and Lebanon, where they don't even play football -- report on the spectacle. The Super Bowl is the biggest event that happens every year in the United States.

What if one of those billion people watching recognized me as the stranger he had picked up in a gay bar? All he had to do was out me to the press and the story would be all over the headlines: "Gay Man Makes Final Tackle in Super Bowl." My football career would be finished.
No more Super Bowls, no more Sundays playing ball. No more paychecks, no more financial security. No more locker-room banter, no more camaraderie with the guys. I would be banished from the NFL fraternity."


Website: Esera Tuaolo

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gay his way.....

"Get it from the horse's mouth, not the horse's ass!"

Tab Hunter who decided at the age of 74, to publish his autobiography upon learning that an unauthorized biography about his life was in the process of being written.

Art Gelien was just a kid when an agent asked him if he wanted to be in movies. Blessed with extraordinary good looks and enough smarts to know that he had a lot to learn, that kid said yes.

Rechristened Tab Hunter, he was launched on a journey that carried him to stardom.

First he became a pin-up favorite of teenage girls worldwide and then a number one box-office star; then he recorded a song called "Young Love" that knocked Elvis Presley off the top of the charts-and all the time he had to keep secret the fact that he was gay.

In Tab Hunter Confidential, written with Eddie Muller, Hunter looks back on a life lived without apologies and a career that soared, then crashed, and then later-thanks to popular cult-film auteur John Waters-enjoyed a revival.


You can choose spend the weekend in bed hidden underneath the blankets; or you can "phone a friend".

Thank You, my dear........


I hope you dance
Lyrics: Leeann Womack

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat
But always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances
But they're worth taking
Lovin' might be a mistake
But it's worth making
Don't let some hell bent heart
Leave you bitter
When you come close to selling out
Give the heavens above
More than just a passing glance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
(Time is a real and constant motion always)
I hope you dance
(Rolling us along)
I hope you dance
(Tell me who)
I hope you dance
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
(Where those years have gone)

I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance
(Time is a real and constant motion always)
I hope you dance
(Rolling us along)
I hope you dance
(Tell me who)
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
I hope you dance
(Where those years have gone)

(Tell me who)
I hope you dance
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
(Where those years have gone)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

On Gay Marriage......

The number of "traditional" marriages in Florida between 2002 - 2004

The number of "traditional" divorces in Florida between 2002 - 2004

Ah yes, traditional marriage between a man and a woman...... and you won't at least give us the chance to TRY?

DO NOT get me started.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The morning after we arrived home from Las Vegas, my sister telephoned and asked "when should we go again?" Today, five days later she telephoned me at work to inform me that we return to Las Vegas on February 9, 2007. That woman does not play games!

This evening, my friends Tim and Bill who accompanied me to New Orleans in June also telephoned to ask if I want to join them in New Orleans for Decadence, Labor Day Weekend.

I'm not anywhere near ready to commit to either invitations at this time because my mother will be undergoing hip replacement surgery on August 3rd in Canada and I plan on flying up for a few days during her recovery period.

The focus, at this time is on the dreaded dental work. I'm remain on antibiotics and in the process of scheduling an appointment with an oral surgeon to extract the infected tooth (which cannot be saved); after which I need an impression taken for a dental bridge followed by the removal of two additional teeth which cannot be saved due to a calcium deficiency. Bring on the pain killers, please!

I returned to work Wednesday after my eleven day vacation and remain unable to motivate myself. I just can't seem to kick it into gear; with even blogging becoming an effort which is totally out of character.

As I continue to visit my BLOGMASTERS, it's becoming obvious that many are also experiencing "bloggers block" and are posting much less frequently. Hopefully, as fall approaches and with the upcoming elections, we will become re-energized!

What I need at this time, is romance which as my family and friends continue to remind me "will not happen when you spend all your time working and/or locked up in your home in front of a computer screen."

Can I hear you say "Amen"?

Monday, July 10, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation.........

Las Vegas is the wedding capitol of the world with a chapel on every corner and several in most hotels.

It's not at all unusual on any given day to see several men and women in formal wedding attire walking thru the hotel lobby followed by an entourage of attendants, family members and guests.

My nephew and his fiancee chose Las Vegas as the site of their wedding for a variety of reasons. They wanted a small wedding, attended by their families and closest friends and felt the best way to accomplish this without offending their large circle of friends and co-workers was to get married in Vegas.

The wedding and reception were held at the very beautiful Mandalay Bay Resort. The chapel was small and elegant with a subdued air of sophistication. Classical music was played on the baby grand piano throughout most of the service. No photographs were allowed but three well placed video cameras (one on the ceiling and one on each side of the alter cleverly hidded in large bouquets of calla lillies) recorded the ceremony.

Precision was the order of the day with weddings scheduled hourly in two chapels. An international flair permeated the environment as the wedding before Marc and Kim was an asian couple, the wedding immediately following was an african american couple and the wedding in the adjointing chaped being conducted at the same time was for a latin couple. It appeared to be a fashion show for bridal attire.

The weather throughout our stay was hot, over 100 degrees daily but the dry heat of Nevada without humidity is much more comfortable and tolerable.

I chose the Monte Carlo hotel and although it was beautiful and I had stayed there previously, there were kids running around all over the place including the casinos. As a social worker, seeing children sleeping in strollers or on the floor at the foot of a slot machine at 2:00 AM while the parents are preoccupied with gambling, angered me and I had to restrain myself from calling the abuse hot line on several occasions and I remembered why I had previously moved from the Monte Carlo into the Bellagio Hotel during my last stay in Vegas (where children are not permitted unless accompanied by a paying guest).

Thursday was reserved for immediate family which was great fun as we had 2nd row front center tickets to Mama Mia!

Friday was meet and greet as guests arrived from throughout the country and Canada. Besided family, guests included several sheriff's deputies and their wives who work with Marc and Kim who are both sheriffs, friends Marc had in the military and even childhood friends from Canada.

My sister and brother in law hosted dinner for all invited guests Friday evening; after which the young adults went clubbing while we elders hit the casinos for a nite of gambling.

Saturday morning, I accompanied my brother in law, his brother and nephew to the Aladdin Hotel casino for more gambling while the women spent the morning at the hotel spa; looking relaxed and quite glamerous after having hair and make up done professionally.

Because Kim's mother is a recent widow who has an inoperable brain tumor and limited funds, my sister and brother in law once again hosted a two hour cocktail reception followed by dinner after the wedding.

This was followed with the younger generation going to Margaritaville for more partying while the ever foolish elders once again hit the casinos to lose more money. I love spending time with my family but although we live in the same town, we seldom see each other because of work schedules, social obligations, etc....

My Sunday afternoon flight was delayed three hours because of an unexpected rain storm which means I arrived home at 3:00 AM. Neither dog was in bed but were soundly asleep in the living room, waiting for daddy to come home!

I am happy with the sitter and the dogs looked wonderful. We will definately enjoy her services again!

Wednesday, back to work! Life is grand......... coming up.... the dentist.