Saturday, September 02, 2006

A New Interest

He looked up as I walked by, giving me one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen and despite my depression and preoccupation with my mothers illness, I managed a smile back.

On my way back to the office, I noticed that he wasn't wearing work gloves which are required in shipping and receiving. "Put some gloves on" was all I could think to say as he looked up and smiled again.

The following day I again went to the supply area and as I entered he saw me, smiled and waved; showing me that he was wearing the required safety gloves. I nodded and proceeded to the training area where my clients are learning job skills.
I interviewed my clients and their skills trainers; remembering to ask my staff on the way out who the "cutie" working in the shipping was. No one seemed to know him, only that he was temporary staff. The young man is half my age and I am not at all interested, but dammit I am not blind!

The following day, I arrive at work to find one of my skills trainers knocking on my office door. "I know who cutie is", she tells me, all excited. He just happens to be GAY and I mentioned that "someone has their eye on you". She then told him who I was and his reply was "that's a good thing".

"That's a good thing?"

"OH MY GOD Mel, what the fuck have you done, the man is more than half my age!"

I don't want to become involved with anyone at this time; especially someone that young. We have nothing in common. NOTHING!

We have a saying at work which has never before applied to me. "Never fish where you swim"...... this means nothing to me (I can't swim), but there are/have been several affairs and more than a few relationships and even marriages within this company.

I've decided to go fishing.

I introduce myself, we shake hands and I begin to leave; only to have him follow me. We talk briefly and he mentions that we should meet for lunch some weekend.

Great, everyone will think I'm his father....... well, not exactly his father as there are certain very obvious ethnic differences between us. Ebonics, anyone?

I find out thru one of my co-workers that his last relationship with a man my age recently ended. They were together five years and remain friends.

Four weeks later (I'm just a bit slow), the flirtations continue. We shake hands each time we see each other, sometimes holding hands a bit too long. It's become obvious to most of the corporation; no one seems to care. My boss refers to him as "your young man".

It's great to work for an organization with a zero tolerance for discrimination of any sort policy, including sexual orientation.

We have not been out socially yet and I'm not certain we ever will (meeting for lunch has been mentioned). I seem to be enjoying "the game" too much to allow anything more substantial to develop.

Stay tuned...........


Clandestine said...

oh that's a great story :)

sjobs said...

First let me say that I am happy to read your mother is doing well. It is so hard watching our parents get old.

Secondly, have a wonderful time with your "young" man. Do what you think is right and enjoy if it is going out with him......


nancy =) said...

so so happy to hear of your mom's positive progress...but even happier to hear of your "new interest"...i say go for it, darling!! go for it!!

all the best, dondon...

nancy =)

ConnieJane said...

So happy for you. Enjoy!

eon said...

ashton and demi don't mind. why should you?

i'm glad your mother is now doing well.

cats said...

aren't distractions wonderful?

you're still on the prayer list and in my heart.

BostonPobble said...

Three thoughts:

first, yes, keeping it 100 yards from the flagpole (the military equivilent of 'don't fish where you swim') is a good idea.

second, I am young enough to be your daughter (if admittedly not half your age) and we have LOADS in common. NOTHING paternal/daughterly about us. we blow up the phone lines on our "short" conversations.

third ~ enjoy it. and afterall, what's a lunch? >:)

unless you don't want me to be a bad influence at which point, just disregard all this. really. *eye roll*

The Blog Whore said...

Hell yes!

Go for it.


I'm dragging (you should pardon the expression)my wedding wear out of the closet even as I write.

Ruben said...

That was a cross between "Noah's arc and sex in the city" Nothing like that ever happens to me. I'm jealous. lol