Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two Gay Soldiers Wed

You can ask, they can tell: Gay soldiers wed in Spain

SEVILLE, SPAIN - The Spanish military - once a crusty remnant of a right-wing regime closely linked to the Roman Catholic Church - got its first public taste of gay marriage Friday as two male soldiers wed, sealing their union with gold rings and a long kiss.

Alberto Linero, 27, and Alberto Sanchez, 24, both privates in the air force, exchanged vows at Seville's town hall - the first known wedding among same-sex members of the military since Spain legalized gay marriage last year.

The Defense Ministry has said it considers the wedding a personal matter and the men will be allowed to continue with their careers.

The men were married by Seville Mayor Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirin, who said their wedding marked a victory for gay people everywhere who have suffered discrimination.

The mayor is a member of the Socialist Party, which oversees a government that legalized gay marriage and pushed through laws like fast-track divorce and easier terms for medically assisted fertilization.

The laws irked the church and the conservative establishment, which has accused the government of harming the nation's traditional values.

Besides Spain, the Netherlands, Canada and Belgium have legalized same-sex marriage, while Britain and other European countries have laws that give same-sex couples the right to form legally binding partnerships.

In the United States, only the state of Massachusetts allows gay marriage, while Vermont and Connecticut permit civil unions.


cats said...

congratulations to the albertos. and to the rest of the gay community.

sjobs said...

It is time that this starts to happen in this country.

They truly are a handsome couple.