Sunday, September 24, 2006

Getting Better Every Day!

On the homefront, I just finished a telephone call to my mother who has finally been discharged from the city hospital to the local hospital which is a rehab hospital.......

It's been a long emotion filled two months since she first entered the hospital for what was supposed to have been an uncomplicated hip replacement surgery.

She was informed today that discharge home will probably be within the next two weeks, depending on how she progresses with physical therapy. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we as a family are relieved.

Thank you once again for your prayers and positive energy. It's been so much appreciated.....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two Gay Soldiers Wed

You can ask, they can tell: Gay soldiers wed in Spain

SEVILLE, SPAIN - The Spanish military - once a crusty remnant of a right-wing regime closely linked to the Roman Catholic Church - got its first public taste of gay marriage Friday as two male soldiers wed, sealing their union with gold rings and a long kiss.

Alberto Linero, 27, and Alberto Sanchez, 24, both privates in the air force, exchanged vows at Seville's town hall - the first known wedding among same-sex members of the military since Spain legalized gay marriage last year.

The Defense Ministry has said it considers the wedding a personal matter and the men will be allowed to continue with their careers.

The men were married by Seville Mayor Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirin, who said their wedding marked a victory for gay people everywhere who have suffered discrimination.

The mayor is a member of the Socialist Party, which oversees a government that legalized gay marriage and pushed through laws like fast-track divorce and easier terms for medically assisted fertilization.

The laws irked the church and the conservative establishment, which has accused the government of harming the nation's traditional values.

Besides Spain, the Netherlands, Canada and Belgium have legalized same-sex marriage, while Britain and other European countries have laws that give same-sex couples the right to form legally binding partnerships.

In the United States, only the state of Massachusetts allows gay marriage, while Vermont and Connecticut permit civil unions.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Friend With Benefits!

I was reading the Sunday Times and enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning when he drove by, saw me and stopped to say hello. He had worked until 1:00 A.M. at an area restaurant after which he had gone partying all nite with friends. His girlfriend Michelle would be on a rampage. I was amused.

We talked for a few minutes and he asked if he could take a shower. "After working all evening and partying all nite, I think a shower's a great idea", I responded, laughing. He went inside while I continued reading, smoked a cigarette and was finishing my coffee when I heard his call "hey Don, come here".

I walked into the bedroom and there he was, laying in the center of my bed, naked and waiting. This was not a first.......

We've been "friends" for more than six years now; my bad boy and I, and there's no indication that the "friendship" will ever end. We very much enjoy hanging out; talking for hours, having a few drinks, watching Sunday afternoon and/or Monday night football.

We also very much enjoy each other sexually.

The woman he lives with knows who I am, knows we're friends. What she doesn't realize is that we're also "friends with benefits".

Michelle is the third woman he's lived with in the six years that we've been friends. I've known all of them, liked none of them but have always been relieved that he's living with a woman. I couldn't/wouldn't tolerate another man in the picture and I can't begin to imagine having a full time relationship with him.

It's been this way for six years and we never seem to become bored with each other. He never questions what I've done, where I've been or who I've been with. In my own way, I love him although I'm not in love with him.........

I write about William today because he needs to be mentioned. He's a part of my life.

I thought two weeks ago was the best it's ever been. Today was even better.......

Tomorrow, back to flirting with "my young man" at work!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The 009 Week in Review


After more than one month in the hospital, my mother went back into surgery on Thursday evening. The additional surgery was required to repair some of the muscle damage that occurred during the initial hip replacement surgery.

Surgery was successful and there was no need for an extended stay in ICU. She has returned to her private hospital room and we as a family are hopeful that this is finally the beginning of the road to complete recovery. Emotionally, it's difficult to explain how we feel. One day at a time...........


EYE CANDY .... warms the heart and is good for the soul!

Why is this man smiling?
I am still loving it........ and no, we have NOT HOOKED UP yet!


Well, she may not have had much of a chance to exercise her vocal chords, but she certainly does have an ear; since I monopolized a one hour, three minute and fourty second telephone conversation with the one and only BLOGZIE!

A truly lovely lady..... who has indeed a very lovely voice. What a wonderful experience!



Voter turnout in Florida was pathetic to say the least, with the voting republicans outnumbering the voting democrats by a wide margin. This is very disappointing!
Have we gone MAD?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A New Interest

He looked up as I walked by, giving me one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen and despite my depression and preoccupation with my mothers illness, I managed a smile back.

On my way back to the office, I noticed that he wasn't wearing work gloves which are required in shipping and receiving. "Put some gloves on" was all I could think to say as he looked up and smiled again.

The following day I again went to the supply area and as I entered he saw me, smiled and waved; showing me that he was wearing the required safety gloves. I nodded and proceeded to the training area where my clients are learning job skills.
I interviewed my clients and their skills trainers; remembering to ask my staff on the way out who the "cutie" working in the shipping was. No one seemed to know him, only that he was temporary staff. The young man is half my age and I am not at all interested, but dammit I am not blind!

The following day, I arrive at work to find one of my skills trainers knocking on my office door. "I know who cutie is", she tells me, all excited. He just happens to be GAY and I mentioned that "someone has their eye on you". She then told him who I was and his reply was "that's a good thing".

"That's a good thing?"

"OH MY GOD Mel, what the fuck have you done, the man is more than half my age!"

I don't want to become involved with anyone at this time; especially someone that young. We have nothing in common. NOTHING!

We have a saying at work which has never before applied to me. "Never fish where you swim"...... this means nothing to me (I can't swim), but there are/have been several affairs and more than a few relationships and even marriages within this company.

I've decided to go fishing.

I introduce myself, we shake hands and I begin to leave; only to have him follow me. We talk briefly and he mentions that we should meet for lunch some weekend.

Great, everyone will think I'm his father....... well, not exactly his father as there are certain very obvious ethnic differences between us. Ebonics, anyone?

I find out thru one of my co-workers that his last relationship with a man my age recently ended. They were together five years and remain friends.

Four weeks later (I'm just a bit slow), the flirtations continue. We shake hands each time we see each other, sometimes holding hands a bit too long. It's become obvious to most of the corporation; no one seems to care. My boss refers to him as "your young man".

It's great to work for an organization with a zero tolerance for discrimination of any sort policy, including sexual orientation.

We have not been out socially yet and I'm not certain we ever will (meeting for lunch has been mentioned). I seem to be enjoying "the game" too much to allow anything more substantial to develop.

Stay tuned...........