Monday, July 10, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation.........

Las Vegas is the wedding capitol of the world with a chapel on every corner and several in most hotels.

It's not at all unusual on any given day to see several men and women in formal wedding attire walking thru the hotel lobby followed by an entourage of attendants, family members and guests.

My nephew and his fiancee chose Las Vegas as the site of their wedding for a variety of reasons. They wanted a small wedding, attended by their families and closest friends and felt the best way to accomplish this without offending their large circle of friends and co-workers was to get married in Vegas.

The wedding and reception were held at the very beautiful Mandalay Bay Resort. The chapel was small and elegant with a subdued air of sophistication. Classical music was played on the baby grand piano throughout most of the service. No photographs were allowed but three well placed video cameras (one on the ceiling and one on each side of the alter cleverly hidded in large bouquets of calla lillies) recorded the ceremony.

Precision was the order of the day with weddings scheduled hourly in two chapels. An international flair permeated the environment as the wedding before Marc and Kim was an asian couple, the wedding immediately following was an african american couple and the wedding in the adjointing chaped being conducted at the same time was for a latin couple. It appeared to be a fashion show for bridal attire.

The weather throughout our stay was hot, over 100 degrees daily but the dry heat of Nevada without humidity is much more comfortable and tolerable.

I chose the Monte Carlo hotel and although it was beautiful and I had stayed there previously, there were kids running around all over the place including the casinos. As a social worker, seeing children sleeping in strollers or on the floor at the foot of a slot machine at 2:00 AM while the parents are preoccupied with gambling, angered me and I had to restrain myself from calling the abuse hot line on several occasions and I remembered why I had previously moved from the Monte Carlo into the Bellagio Hotel during my last stay in Vegas (where children are not permitted unless accompanied by a paying guest).

Thursday was reserved for immediate family which was great fun as we had 2nd row front center tickets to Mama Mia!

Friday was meet and greet as guests arrived from throughout the country and Canada. Besided family, guests included several sheriff's deputies and their wives who work with Marc and Kim who are both sheriffs, friends Marc had in the military and even childhood friends from Canada.

My sister and brother in law hosted dinner for all invited guests Friday evening; after which the young adults went clubbing while we elders hit the casinos for a nite of gambling.

Saturday morning, I accompanied my brother in law, his brother and nephew to the Aladdin Hotel casino for more gambling while the women spent the morning at the hotel spa; looking relaxed and quite glamerous after having hair and make up done professionally.

Because Kim's mother is a recent widow who has an inoperable brain tumor and limited funds, my sister and brother in law once again hosted a two hour cocktail reception followed by dinner after the wedding.

This was followed with the younger generation going to Margaritaville for more partying while the ever foolish elders once again hit the casinos to lose more money. I love spending time with my family but although we live in the same town, we seldom see each other because of work schedules, social obligations, etc....

My Sunday afternoon flight was delayed three hours because of an unexpected rain storm which means I arrived home at 3:00 AM. Neither dog was in bed but were soundly asleep in the living room, waiting for daddy to come home!

I am happy with the sitter and the dogs looked wonderful. We will definately enjoy her services again!

Wednesday, back to work! Life is grand......... coming up.... the dentist.


BostonPobble said...

How wonderful! I'm glad you had a good time. Even happier to hear the PUGS are well and you have a sitter you can trust!

Hypoxic said...

Actually that sounded like a great vacation - and then you ruined it by mentioning the dentist LOL

Glad you had a great time!

nancy =) said...

can;t tell you how happy i am to know you're home safe and sound and that you had a wonderful time and most of all that the pugs were okay while daddy was away...

so good to have you back =)


ConnieJane said...

You were missed... Clearwater seemed a little empty while you were gone.

Sounds like a wonderful wedding and loving visit with family. Glad you could join the party... broken tooth and all!

Hugs to you and the pugs!

cats said...

glad you are back. what a beautiful place...

CrackerLilo said...

What an anticlimax at the end! :-)

I'm glad you had a great vacation.