Friday, July 14, 2006

The morning after we arrived home from Las Vegas, my sister telephoned and asked "when should we go again?" Today, five days later she telephoned me at work to inform me that we return to Las Vegas on February 9, 2007. That woman does not play games!

This evening, my friends Tim and Bill who accompanied me to New Orleans in June also telephoned to ask if I want to join them in New Orleans for Decadence, Labor Day Weekend.

I'm not anywhere near ready to commit to either invitations at this time because my mother will be undergoing hip replacement surgery on August 3rd in Canada and I plan on flying up for a few days during her recovery period.

The focus, at this time is on the dreaded dental work. I'm remain on antibiotics and in the process of scheduling an appointment with an oral surgeon to extract the infected tooth (which cannot be saved); after which I need an impression taken for a dental bridge followed by the removal of two additional teeth which cannot be saved due to a calcium deficiency. Bring on the pain killers, please!

I returned to work Wednesday after my eleven day vacation and remain unable to motivate myself. I just can't seem to kick it into gear; with even blogging becoming an effort which is totally out of character.

As I continue to visit my BLOGMASTERS, it's becoming obvious that many are also experiencing "bloggers block" and are posting much less frequently. Hopefully, as fall approaches and with the upcoming elections, we will become re-energized!

What I need at this time, is romance which as my family and friends continue to remind me "will not happen when you spend all your time working and/or locked up in your home in front of a computer screen."

Can I hear you say "Amen"?

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Hypoxic said...


Hope your mother's hip replacement surgery goes well.

Las Vegas or Decadence in New Orleans ... New Orleans definitely sounds like more fun :)

Hope all is well my friend!