Monday, July 03, 2006


One week before my nephew's wedding in Las Vegas; a sitter for the PUGS has been hired, transportation to and from the airport has been arranged, flights and hotel have been booked, show tickets have been purchased, friends and family will be flying in from several states and Canada, and I have a broken tooth (third from center right) .....

An easy fix I thought, until I went to the dentist yesterday. Life has chosen to throw me a curve ball. Not only is the tooth broken, it has now become abscessed which means the dentist is unable to perform any procedure until the infection has run its course with massive amounts of antibiotic and pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication; for the next 14 (the wedding is in 7) days.

I forgot to mention that the break is clear to the gum line which also means that I've been referred to an oral surgeon to complete the necessary procedures to have me smiling again!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent updating my drivers license, taking and picking up my suit at the cleaners, haircut and SPEECH THERARY!

Since several of my developmentally disabled clients require speech therapy, we conveniently have a staff of speech therapists who visit on a regular basis. I've made the call. "teach me how to talk and smile without exposing this gaping hole on the right side of my mouth!", and although they find this all quite amusing, (and I'm getting flashbacks of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady") they've taken on the challenge.

This will all be a very sobering experience since I will of course, be unable to drink while on all of this medication!

My blogmaster Crackerlilo has just returned from a wedding in France and arrived home to some controversial issues regarding the young ladies she had hired to oversee her household of pets and plants. A good lesson learned and one which my sister and I will both be acting upon. Although I don't forsee any problems with the young lady I've hired (I know your momma!), my sister on the other hand has hired a young man of 21 she hasn't even met whose father works with my brother in law. At my suggestion (and thanks to Crackerlilo) she has asked a neighbor to "sit the sitter".

My sister and I keep saying "this is the last trip without the pets" although I'm certain this will not become reality.

BLOGMASTERS, what a wonderful word. Connie, another of my much beloved Blogmasters recently arrived home from a vacation in Las Vegas with some great advice and wonderful suggestions! For this, I am grateful because although I've been to Vegas, it's been a while and things do change.

What I'm actually hoping for is that my flight coming home is overbooked at which point, I can surrender my seat for another flight (I'm bringing the DaVinci Code) and receive another travel voucher. Since I already have a voucher from my last trip to New Orleans, this would make two free round trip flights in the future. Additionally, Southwest has a program where for every 8 round trip flights, members receive a free round trip ticket anywhere they fly including Hawaii. This could be a very interesting year for travel. Did I just mention "this is my last trip without the pets?"


ConnieJane said...

My dear Don,

YOU are invited, not your tooth. I am sure your family and friends are looking forward to your company, tooth or no tooth.

Hope all goes well with Muggs and Daisy. We missed our kitty terribly but she had a great time with the sitter.

Southwest bumps are the best! Have a wonderful time, my friend! I can't wait to hear about it. ENJOY!

jmadison77 said...

heya...have the dentist give you two shots of novocaine. Theyhad to dig my broken tooth out of my gum but I never felt a thing.

Davinci Code is a great book; though fiction, it was quite eye-opening for me. I recommend Angels & Demons as well. I was reading that right before the last pope died, and it was kinda freaky. LOL

I have my phone back, so call me when you need me, and I will be there. Or call me at work. Mom is doing Social Services now...I think she hates it. :)

And the people manning the Pro Shop booth at St Pete last weekend didn't know who you were! Is that place bigger than it looks from the outside??? I can't imagine them not knowing you!! :)

leone said...

Hi Don
I sympathise about the tooth - I'm having a similar situation. One of my front teeth which was knocked out (and put back in) a few years ago playing Rugby has now decided to loosen and I think will very soon be out! Dentists are so expensive here that I'm hanging on until I move at the end of the month - unfortunately I'm not so sure that the tooth will hang on with me...................

Have a lovely Sunday matey and I'm sure we'll resolve our mutual 'oral' dilemmas in the fullness of time!

Leone xxx

sttropezbutler said...

The tooth thing is so tedious. Been there..but did not have the luxury (?) of speech therapy to get me through.

I'm sure you'll have a great time..and this time remember it all!



Blogzie said...

Oh honey! You poor thing.

Major ouch indeed. I hate dental problems and I've certainly had my share of them.

Enjoy Las Vegas! I have not been there since 1981, if you can believe that. I just know if I went now that I would miss 'old' Vegas.

But really, I do hear that it is fabulous. And it will be all the more fabulous once you hit the town. Tooth or no tooth.

I wish I could sit the doggies for you and give them lots of kisses.

I wish I could kiss your toothy and make it better.

I just wish...

Can I play the role of tooth fairy?

Love you and miss you already.


The Blog Whore said...

Oh... Tooth problems suck!

The pain medication is a bonus, though :)

Try to have fun!