Monday, December 04, 2006


The Pobble wrote that during the Christmas holidays, she watches three different versions of A Christmas Carol, asking her readers about individual traditions.

Tradition in my home begins on Thanksgiving nite when after spending the day cooking, eating and watching football games, I wind down by watching Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If anyone remembers the play/movie/book Auntie Mame and wished they had an aunt like Mame (I know I did), Sophie Kringle just happens to have a Mame, although this one is named Auntie Claus.

Auntie Claus lives high atop the Bing Cherry Hotel - in Penthouse 25C, of course! Her penthouse glitters with Christmas lights all year long and she serves Christmas cookies at teatime - even in July. That's Auntie mysterioso!

As it begins getting close to Christmas and Auntie Claus prepares to head off to her annual business trip, young Sophie Kringle decides to find out the truth: "Who is my Auntie Claus, really?"

Go along with Sophie to a faraway world that leads straight to the heart of Christmas. Oh and don't forget your mittens!

In the second book by author/illustrator Elise Primavera, Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas, it's getting toward Christmas and Christopher Kringle, Sophie's little brother begins to misbehave just prior to Auntie Claus leaving on her annual "business trip". Sophie takes matters into her own hands and before Chris can say Ho! Ho! Ho!" he's headed for the North Pole. But when he arrives, the gates to Christmas are locked. In this companion to Auntie Claus, readers join Christopher Kringle on a magical journey--and discover that anything is possible as long as you have the key to Christmas! Both of the above books are read out loud to the PUGS!

The week before Christmas, the PUGS and I always watch The Muppets Christmas Carol. Miss Piggy has always been one of my favorite ladies and for many years, Daisy and I would visit the local nursing home on Christmas Day taking along our Miss Piggy doll dressed as Mrs. Claus. The nursing home residents loved it!

I never go out on Christmas Eve preferring to remain at home with those I love the most, THE PUGS. I haven't got the patience to wait until Christmas Day to open gifts, which means paper and clutter all over the living room floor; but not before I've read "The Night Before Christmas" with both PUGS on my lap.

All of this does not mean that I'm reclusive during the holidays. There are three parties on the calender, Christmas day with my family and New Years Eve with my friends....... It's that time of the year!


Anonymous said...

Would it surprise you to know that my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Mame? Or that I give "Auntie Claus" to them at some point for the holidays? Or that Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites?

No, I didn't think it would.

cats said...

how funny... i was about to write that my kids DO have an aunt mame (aka the pobble)... and she beat me to it.

you 2 have gotten me thinking about what holiday traditions really are most important to me. think i'll blog on it later.

Blogzie said...

I DO love you and I DO miss you.

I'm trying to get my groove back...

Blogzie's got the blues, baby.

But I always smile when I think of you.