Monday, September 17, 2007

50,000 HITS!


For several weeks, I anxiously looked forward to reaching 50,000 hits. Each day, I would scroll down to the bottom of this blog to see how close I was getting to reaching this goal.


After an extensive physical and a series of blood tests and exploratory medical procedures (two days per week for three weeks), my physician informed me that I am in excellent health. Two days later, I had developed an upper respiratory and sinus infection that kept me ill for a week. by the time I checked by blog stats, I was already over the 50,000 mark!

For those of you who visit this blog regularly, THANK YOU!


While I was surfing blogs on one of the blog listing directories I belong to, I found this:


Who made the buzz? find out the hottest flash from these hottest blogs!

In dondon 009 he talks about the latest book by David Pitts where the author explores the extraordinary friendship between JFK and Lem Billings.

OK now, I know it's not much but it's nice to be mentioned by a complete stranger who obviously appreciates the brilliance of this blog. (did I just write that?)


I've returned to work and once again having to work six day weeks to make up for lost time and to become current on documentation (federal and state audits coming up in mid December).

The PUGLETS enjoyed the luxury of sleeping late each day and additional pampering. Daisy continues to require 3x daily eye drops but has now made the procedure into a game where I'm required to chase her around the house until we're both exhausted before she consents to the drops.

Romance seems to have disappeared for the time being. It's almost time for a trip to New Orleans where, if not romance at least some great food, great music, lots of party and SEX!


cats said...


glad i was one that helped build your stats!

Nancy said...

Don, congratualtion on your 50,000 hits. Your topics are interessting, I've learned alot.
sorry your not feeling well but glad to hear your test were negitive. I know it no fun being sick or awaiting test results.
I've given up blogging for now but I will visit you often.

CrackerLilo said...

CONGRATULATIONS, both on the hits and the clean bill of health! I'm glad I could help with one of those things, anyway.

RIC said...

First of all, congratulations, dear Don! You do deserve it indeed!
And again, thank you so very much for the great music!
I also liked very much that post on the book about JFK! It's always nice to know that others are also attentive.
I'm glad everything is back on tracks with you! Health is paramount indeed!
... Which, by the way, doesn't seem to apply to American democracy these days... What was all that police fight with one student at a political debate?! Lord, I was so shocked watching that incredible scene...
Best wishes, dear friend!
Hugs! :-)

ConnieJane said...

Add another hit from me.
I stop by often and love it... love you too Don! Congrats!