Sunday, May 29, 2005


A quiet Sunday..... Posted by Hello
I still can't seem to get my self to the beach yet, but there are priorities. Things like laundry, cleaning this place, bathing the dogs, etc., seem to be taking up most of my free time right now. I did manage to spend some time getting sun in Coachman Park early this afternoon, though.
I still dont have a clue where the dogs are staying when I'm gone...... I hate leaving them, so I guess if I dont think about it, then I dont have to start worrying already. Like that makes sense!
10:00 PM and I decide to take a walk into town for one or two drinks. Beautiful night for a walk. I get to the door, and nahhhhhhhh not at all in the mood for a drink! So I head back home.

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Humo said...

Don... check the yellow pages under Veterinarians for Boarding facilities. I know how you feel about hating to leave the dawgies when you travel. I always hated to leave my cat on the rare occasions when I travelled and I know he hated it too.

There are now some super deluxe "Animal Hotels" out there... much nicer than just boarding at the vet where they are confined to a cage. One in this area advertises that each room (not cage) has a window, the animals are taken out to exercise several times a day, and treated like royalty while they're there.

By the way..... nice blog too

Humo :-)