Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another nightmare!

The supernova-sized chutzpah of the Bush family was on display Thursday when it floated a Jeb Bush candidacy in '08. Mind-boggling that this hot-bed of treason and corruption - which has already spawned the two worst Presidents in history - would propose saddling us with a third. But hey, it's happened twice - why not again? The Huffington Post

On the same day that President Bush received his lowest approval rating of 29%, (matching that of his father the former President) and while visiting Florida Wednesday, President George W. Bush said that his younger brother Jeb would make a "great president" setting off speculation that a third member of the political dynasty could try for the White House.

Jeb Bush, who is the governor of Florida, said however that while he appreciated the flattering comments, he has no intention now of running for the top job.

President Bush told Florida journalists in an interview that his brother was an "excellent leader".

"I think Jeb would be a great president. But it's up to Jeb to make a decision to run," Bush said in comments published in several state newspapers.


ConnieJane said...

Please wake me when it's over!

Hypoxic said...

And I hope Jeb never gets it!