Friday, June 02, 2006

009 Dazed and Confused!

Although the 1200 employee company I work for has a large gay and lesbian contingent, I tend to spend the greater part of my free time socializing with human relations staff and the lesbians; mostly because our responsibilities follow the same social service paths and most are in partner relationships which means the "drama" is held to a minimum. The gay men, on the other hand tend to be somewhat closeted or lean towards the more flamboyant which at times can become a bit uncomfortable in a work environment.

Which brings me to today's bit of drama......

I was in the cafeteria when one of the guys (did I mention the word flamboyant) wearing a saucer sized rhinestone pin with matching ring, from another division approached me and said, "somebody's got their eye on you".

First reaction: "where the hell did he get that outrageously ugly pin?"

Second reaction: "OH FUCK!"

He continued, "as a matter of fact, he's standing over there looking in your direction."

I glanced over and noticed a good looking young man, well groomed, well dressed and seemingly shy staring at me. By young man I'm talking more than half my age. "OH FUCK!"

All I could answer was "I can't think right now, I'm leaving for New Orleans next week.' 'Let me get back to you when I return."

Where the hell is a Gin and Tonic, twist of lime when you need one?

I glanced in the young mans direction, smiled and left!

On my way out of work, I stopped by my boss' office and related the episode to her. Her reaction was "you shouldn't fish where you swim, although I've done that twice myself."

Thanks a lot........ stay tuned!

Speaking of New Orleans,

I'm leaving for my much anticipated stay in New Orleans on June 8th and plan to return to Tampa Bay on Monday June 12th.

But wait, I better come back on Sunday the 11th because I don't like leaving the dogs too long.

Actually, I should come back on Saturday the 10th which would give me a couple days with the dogs before I return to work on Tuesday.

As Daisy is getting older and beginning to have problems with arthritis, I should probably only spend one nite away which means I should probably come home on Friday the 9th!

Spending only one nite in New Orleans somehow doesn't make sense. I think I might do what I did in March and simply fly in for the day....... which makes less sense.

Actually, none of this makes sense and the airlines have decided to sell me the highest priced return ticket which will give me the option of calling on the day I decide to make my exit and (depending on availablity) use my (he just can't make up his mind) ticket.

Today I have to call the hotel to get their reaction to this plan.

The hotel is not amused. I'm reminded that they accept dogs but I tell them that I can't fly the dogs on this flight, but I in turn also remind them that this is the reason I planned on staying there in the first place; to scope the place out so that I might drive into New Orleans next time and take the dogs.

One nite at a time......

My next call was to the boarding kennel I had originally chosen to sit the dogs before considering a sitter..... "The dogs are getting too old to be kenneled" I told them..... "I'm not leaving them alone anymore. My sister is taking them this time."

Fact: 6 days from now I am flying into New Orleans.... my friends at worked reminded me today to "take a condom." My response, "not a problem, I bought 3 dozen (36) to take with me." I left them speechless!

Las Vegas..... Unlike New Orleans, my trip to Las Vegas in July is SET (somewhat). I know I am leaving on Thursday, my nephew's wedding is Saturday.....

Which leaves Sunday and Monday. I purchased a ticket to return to Florida on Monday, but now with my entire family returning to Florida on Sunday, I want to come home the same day which means, I have to change my ticket which also means that there will be a $110.00 additional charge.

But I had originally only booked my hotel until Sunday anyway, which means if I do stay until Monday, I will have to pay an additional $149.99 for the extra nite.

The PUGS will have a sitter when I'm in Las Vegas..... which will make things easier all around. Can you hear me jmadison?

And how was your week?


leone said...

Oh Don! Don't worry about 'fishing where you swim' especially if it's a good catch! Actually in Blighty it's known as 'shitting on your own doorstep' but that's so crude!! Ha ha.

Get your rod out!! Have a great weekend. Leo xx

BostonPobble said...

Militaristically, it's known as "keeping it 100 yards from the flagpole." But in terms of fishing ~ it all depends on how big the pond is my friend! :)

Whatever you do, once you are in New Orleans, enjoy yourself. Wait. 36 condoms. Of course you'll enjoy yourself. "Take a condom" Please. Anyway, the PUGS are in good hands. Rest and relax and have fun.

Hypoxic said...

Dondon ... hell, if you don't want him, let me know :)

Hope you have a great trip to Nola!