Thursday, June 15, 2006

Decisions, decisions.....

At 7:00AM Saturday morning, I made my final decision. It was time to return to Florida.... and the PUGS.

News that a tropical storm was brewing and threatening to make its' way into the gulf played a small part in that decision.

I arrived at the airport, received my boarding pass and was disappointed that I would be boarding in section B. I like being one of the first off the plane after landing, which means I don't carry on luggage and usually sit on the aisle, any of the first three rows.

I telephoned Tim to let him know I was on the way home.... he was speechless, but knowing how independent I am, he understood.

As they were beginning to board, it was announced that this was a full plane and we were asked if anyone would give up their seats to take the next flight to Tampa via Houston arriving 4 hours later than scheduled. The airline would reimburse the price of the flight plus $200.00 in flight vouchers. I have never done this, but having just begun reading The DaVinci Code and a four hour delay being insignificant, I took the bait. Having paid $139.00 for my return ticket, I was issued a voucher for $339.00, which enabled me to change my Las Vegas Flight from Monday to Sunday on July 9th, and the remainder of the voucher paid for my next flight to New Orleans in October. Not bad.......... and now I can even say I've been to Texas!

Unfortunately STB was not waiting for me in Houston.... another time, another place!

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