Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Daisy Diet

Being told that Daisy is overweight is nothing new. Veterinarians have been telling me this for years.

Of course, I did not listen; until last week.

Daisy is beginning to have difficulty walking due to arthritis in both back legs; which she can barely lift off the ground when walking.

After a series of tests and extensive blood work, her cholesterol and triglycirides are dangerously high which means a diet consisting of perscription dog food ONLY and medication! So far, so good. She actually likes the food, as she should considering the cost. Daisy needs to lose 7 pounds (which is one-third her present weight).

There were also two lumps which needed attendion. Thankfully, they are fatty tumors and not cancerous.

A scheduled appointment in three weeks with further bloodwork will determine how things are going. In the meantime, I am breathing somewhat easier.......

1 comment:

ConnieJane said...

Poor Daisy. I know just how she feels... that spare tire around the middle, thunder thighs and that ever noticeable bubble butt.

Puglets have a tendency to be... ugh, stocky.

Good luck Daisy . I have some old Weight Watcher books I am obviously not using.