Thursday, March 29, 2007

The homophobic, racist military recruiter....

I read the following article in a local newspaper this week, and found it so blatently offensive, homophobic and racist, I thought it might be [satire].

Unfortunately, it appears to be fact as it's now been published in several reliable news sources.

(Washington) The military has begun an investigation into an Army recruiter who allegedly sent racial and homophobic emails to a Jersey City resident who had posted his resume on a Web site in search of a job.

Corey Andrew, an openly gay black man, is a musician and copywriter. He was initially sent an email from Sgt. Marcia Ramode's email address. After indicating he was not interested in joining the military he inquired about the Army's position on gays.

Ramode told Andrew that being gay made him unqualified, and that it was "disgusting and immoral."

The exchange of emails became more heated with Romonde finally writing that Andrew should:

"go back to Africa and do your gay voodoo limbo tango and wango dance and jump around and prance and run all over the place half naked there and practice your gay morals over there..."

"In any other corporate structure in America, an e-mail like this going around in an office building would result in termination immediately," Andrew said, admitting that some on his own emails back to Ramode were heated.

The Servicemember's Legal Defense Network has called for Ramode's dismissal from the military.

"Sergeant Ramode's comments were insulting and inflammatory to all troops now serving in our armed forces," said SLDN executive director. C. Dixon Osburn.

"Individuals from all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, as well as those who are lesbian, gay and bisexual, serve in our armed forces. This diversity not only reflects the diversity of our nation, but it also strengthens the military might of our armed forces. There is absolutely no place in our military for intolerance and bigotry."

In an email with SLDN, Douglas Smith, a public affairs officer for the Recruiting Command, stated, "The matter has been referred through the U.S. Army Recruiting Command's Staff Judge Advocate to the appropriate commander for review, investigation and appropriate action.

"The Command expects its Recruiters to conduct themselves in a professional manner in all dealings with potential applicants and members of the public."

Ramode has been reassigned while the investigation is carried out.


Light Seeker said...

I am totally appalled and disgusted.
I mean, sure, I know this sort of thing goes on, but to see it in print just makes me shake my head even more.
I feel like we've come fo far, but are so far back. So very, very far.
I keep thinking, "One day..." but that day seems so far off.

Peace & Love

Nancy said...

Thanks for the kind words and positive energy. I go back to surgery this Tuesday..the disc re herniated.

There is something wrong with the world today. There is so much hate, I wish we would all think we are one race "the HUMAN RACE"

ConnieJane said...

Just curious... was this the lead story on all the major news networks and I wasn't paying attention?

Disgusting isn't the right word but it's the polite one.

PS: All the best Nancy.... I am also having two ruptured discs in my neck operated on Tuesday.