Thursday, August 02, 2007



We as a nation have to be concerned with the Michael Vick case involving the abuse of animals; not only because of the deplorable acts committed in the name of sport, but because the abuse of animals has historically led to the murder and/or abuse of humans.

Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam, Ted Bundy, The boys who gunned down their classmates at school, The shooter of U.S. Capitol security guards; These men and boys had something in common beyond their acts of terrifying violence: All had abused animals long before they went on to destroy the lives of other people.

Several studies have linked animal abuse to interpersonal violence. Following are results of a very limited number of states with abuse statistics in relation to the abuse of humans......

In North Carolina, for example, researchers compared police reports with animal cruelty reports and found almost equal numbers of each at the same addresses. The calls to the police were for disturbances (32 percent), domestic violence (31 percent) and assault (16 percent). In a follow-up study, the majority of police calls to the animal abusing homes were for sexual assault (62 percent), and mental health (35 percent).

In New Jersey, a study found that a stunning 88 percent of the families who had physically abused their children also had records for animal abuse.

In a Wisconsin study of battered women, four out of five victims reported that their partners had been violent toward their pets or livestock as well as to them.

In addition to the studies already cited, research on convicted sex offenders found that 48 percent of the rapists and 30 percent of the child molesters admitted to acts of animal cruelty in their childhood or adolescence. Other research done on incarcerated sexual homicide perpetrators found similar statistics: 36 percent had committed animal cruelty in their childhoods, and 46 percent in their adolescence.

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BostonPobble said...

Animal abuse is one of the most controlling ways a batterer can behave towards his/her victim because our critters love so unconditionally and have no way protecting themselves. I cannot think of a punishment too severe for people who hurt children and animals. ... ... ... Nope. Not one.