Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life's a beach.....?


As the exodus north begins, the beautiful beaches are becoming less crowded and once again belong to the locals who seldom go.

Living in a resort area and vacationing in one are two very separate entities. The locals have jobs.

Working five or more days per week leaves little time to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Homes need to be maintained, appointments kept, shopping done, meals prepared, social engagements fulfilled.

I live a five minute drive from one of the most beautifully pristine beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. I have not been to the beach in five years. Recent photographs show me as being a “lighter shade of pale.”

This year, I am going to the beach.

Somehow, I’m going to put the cleaning and shopping aside and enjoy a leisure day basking in the Florida sunshine.

I may even publish some photos!

The art of Glen Hanson


cats said...

having once worked a block and a half from the beach i understand exactly what you mean about not taking advantage of what's right in front of you. but take the time. it is so worth it. the ocean has amazing healing energies.

CrackerLilo said...

YES. Totally. Do it! I hope you're there now!

ConnieJane said...

We never seem to go to the beach any more either... unless we have "company" in town.

I keep thinking I'll stake a claim on beautiful Sand Key beach one of these days with nothing but an ipod/earphones/sunscreen and a diet coke.... after the much needed rain stops that is.