Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rest and Play Time

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

It seems that all I've been able to post about during the past two weeks is murder, mayhem, homophobia and hate and since I alone can't save the planet, it's time to spread the love; which means I have a date tonite.

This is not just "any date", it's a date with the infamous "just stopped by from Gainsville before I head for who knows where", Tony.... the gypsy boy with the long shlong! (sorry ladies, I had to say it). This weekend is the Smooth Jazz Festival, which is where we're going, and then.......

And then of course, there's the shopping which actually began Thursday evening.

The last time I was in New Orleans, I seemed to be the only one wearing shorts at the knee. The style was/is below the knee or longer. This year, I opted for Khaki, just below the knee because the youngsters seem to be wearing them much longer and I hate the look.

Today was the trial run. I wore them to work and within a half hour, there were 4 quarter size blotches of grease on them. Note to self: don't eat a greasy sausage, cheese and egg biscuit while typing on the computer, talking on the telephone, leaning back in a chair while eating. I'm not certain if they're ruined yet.... I'm gonna try to "shout" the stains out this weekend.

This week was Daisy's 12th birthday which is like 84 in human years. Arthritis is slowing her down and costing me lots of money but as I told the vet this week (after spending $470.00), there are no other options but to keep her comfortable and pain free. There are times when she is quite amusing, still acts like a puppy and rules this household.

It's also time for a trip to the beach, since it's only five minutes from my home and I haven't been there in five years. Now that the tourists are going, going, gone and the weather a beautiful 86 degrees, I am outta here.


ConnieJane said...

Happy Birthday Daisy!

Spider Girl said...

Have fun at the Jazz Festival!

( And we ladies don't necessarily mind a colourful remark or too by the way). :)

"T" said...

Happy Birthday to Daisy!!

I haven't been to the beach in... 12 years!
Hate to admit it, but, I find it a tad scary.