Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Casual Encounters

He confirmed that it had been three years since we've last seen each other when we met again Sunday.

During that period, he'd lived in Jacksonville, Gainsville, Sarasota, Orlando and several other smaller Florida towns that I've never heard of.

He's a gypsy of sorts, working construction wherever work is available, staying in boarding houses, owning nothing of any significance, owing no one. A free spirit........

We met nine years ago at a local gay club. Tall, dark and ruggedly handsome, he entertained me with amusing stories of his adventures and misadventures. He followed me home, spent the night and left. He said he would stop by again, and indeed he did; six months later.

This continued for the next five years; casual encounters 1-2 times a year until three years ago, when the last evening we spent together became by far the most romantic and intense.

He was gone again. No expectations, no regrets....... until last Sunday.

Time has not changed him, he's actually more handsome than ever. I asked if he intended to stop by and he immediately replied yes, sometime this week.

Last night, the doorbell rang. The dogs began barking and ran from the bedroom to the front door. I was sleeping and woke up, unable to get out of bed. I had not slept well for the past few weeks, and took a sleep aid in hopes of getting one good night's sleep.

It worked.


leone said...

You couldn't get out of bed? My God now that is an anti-climax to the tale!!!

Blogzie said...

Now that's funny.

But somehow so very sad.

Maybe you actually had sex and just don't remember.

I used to have sex.

Then I got married.


BostonPobble said...

Please oh please....let there be more to this story!

sttropezbutler said...

Don Darling!



Ms. are as camp as ever! Hi Boston and Leone!

sjobs said...

Don-The picture of the male at the top of your page is simply beautiful......

Just letting you know that I stopped by. It has been a while.

I will have to tell my niece about the priest from Marquette. She is thinking about attending that school in a year.

Take Care,