Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Bacon and Cheese Omelet and .........SEX?

I've finally come to the conclusion that I'm much more "romantic" in the morning than in the evening.

This could possibly be the result of having to work six day weeks recently, coming home exhausted with only one desire.... sleep. Waking up refreshed, the mind wanders to other activities.

Sunday morning, a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze coming in off the Gulf, I decided to take a relaxing stroll thru the park. There were several people working on summer tans, lying on beach towels enjoying the sunshine; including the "Gypsy Prince", sleeping soundly.

I was going to wake him up but feeling a bit romantic, chose instead to serve him "breakfast on towel".

I walked to a nearby restaurant, ordered two full breakfasts, juice and coffee to go and made my way back to the park.

I sat on the grass next to the "Gypsy Prince" and quietly said, "breakfast is served". He woke up smiling in recognition and said: "the coffee smells good, but I had breakfast before coming to the park".

Dammit, dammit, dammit!

We had coffee, I ate breakfast and fed the remainder of this feast to the seagulls.

We talked for a while and after making arrangements to meet that evening at a local club, I left to go shopping.

By the time the Prince called to confirm our date, I had already decided that I was just too tired to go out or to entertain a guest that evening. I just wanted to spend a quiet evening at home, alone with the dogs...... and I did.

We've dated twice since the Gypsy Prince re-surfaced. I know he'll be heading for parts unknown again soon.

Hopefully, we'll get together again before he makes his next move.


leone said...

This 'gypsy prince' sounds very bohemian - how cute!! Where does he mince off to exactly when he goes and is he a 'real' gypsy or is it just a figure of speech?

dondon009 said...

I wrote about the Gypsy on April 4, 2007. I call him a Gypsy because he travels all over the country working in construction....
never settling down for very long.

We've been "connecting" whenever he's in town for nine years now.

Makes life interesting without commitment.


cats said...

i've never been romantic in the morning, but every once in awhile around noon...

BostonPobble said...


dondon009 said...


Expect a call this weekend~