Sunday, May 27, 2007



I've discovered two new BLOGMASTERS! Acutally, they found me, but I'm responding......

I don't want to say much about either one; instead, I invite you to visit each of these two fine gentleman and see/read for yourself why I'm so honored to include them on my blogmaster list.

In Coming Out in Mid-Life in Red America, Michael writes about politics, life with his partner, publishes some great "eye candy"; but most importantly, he writes about the difficulties he's encountered as a married man with children after realizing he is gay (look for those posts, specifically - sad but enlightening). Michael is on my BLOGMASTER list as Michael-In-Norfolk.

In Out in the Middle of Idaho, Dylan simply writes beautifully. His post Blue Eyed Country Menfolk is just wonderful (read every word and you'll understand why I've fallen in love with Big Bob). Dylan is on my BLOGMASTER list as Out In Idaho.

ENJOY~ and tell them dondon009 sent you!


D-Man said...

I am grateful for your kind words. Thank you.

BostonPobble said...

oooo! Lovely.