Monday, January 29, 2007


Did someone say 35 degrees? Did someone forget that this is Florida, land of sunshine? Does anyone remember that the weather last week was 82 degrees?

I am not adequately prepared for this sudden burst of freezing temperatures. I hate the cold; which is why I moved to Florida. The dogs, on the other hand seem to be enjoying this; romping on the grass as I stand there freezing.

It's been a difficult two weeks. As a not-for-profit organization, the corporation I work for is subjected to annual federal audits and last week was the exit. I had worked 13 days with no time off and was both physically and mentally exhausted but the audit was more than successful with a superior rating!

I still haven't recovered completely and will be taking four days off beginning this Thursday. I look forward to sleeping late, eating well, watching movies, reading, working on this blog and of course, loving the PUGS.

Friends are offering to accompany me to the tattoo parlor when and if I decide to get one.

Somehow, I think they would enjoy seeing me in pain.


ConnieJane said...

Apparently the Sunshine State is being confused with a more northern location by the weather gods. Whatever the reason, I don't care for it either. My azalea's are totally confused.

However, this cold snap should make those February strawberries and oranges ever so sweet.

ConnieJane said...

PS: Enjoy your extended weekend!

BostonPobble said...

First ~ YAY for the audit. Having worked human services WAY TOO long, I understand how important that is AND how difficult that rating is to acheive. YAY!

Second ~ the weather is wicked screwy these days. Our 7 degrees may be normal for this time of year but just this month, it was 68. I feel your pain ~ but at least I live in New England where it's *supposed* to be cold.

Third ~ it's not so much that I would enjoy seeing you in pain. it's the other stuff that goes along with it. and I got dibs first. ;)

Fourth ~ let me know if your phone can ring this weekend or if you're still going to be recuperating.

Fifth ~ and really always first, I love you.

RIC said...

Congratulations, Don, on the audit results! Good for you!

jmadison77 said...

love that pic..:::grin::: always thought of her as more of a spring flower though. :)

getting my next cirque-tattoo soon! tax check. :)

And yes, when STATE comes, it sucks on wheels for everyone just went thru it on 2nd floor. woo!