Wednesday, January 17, 2007


If I changed lovers as frequently as I change templates, I'd be living life dangerously indeed.

In the meantime, I can't seem to find a suitable template.

Please bear with me ......

The jester, one of my favorite characters used the guise of a fool because of the freedom it offered. His assumed innocence allowed him to speak his mind. This freedom was often used to criticize the rules of society as well as the ruler himself. Thus, the jester could put a moral or satirical spin on most anything. In assuming the role of the jester, I feel comfortable asking the following question.

Will someone please.....
.......flush the toilet?


The Blog Whore said...

Where are you getting these templates? I WANT ONE!!

...for Celebrity Rant.

The basics only.

Do tell :)

RIC said...

Yes, please, Don! The sooner the better! It stinks all over the world already! No distance from that toilet is quite enough...
Please, do put an end to so much insanity!
Best wishes!
Oh I've been loving all templates... One after the other... What else can I say?...
Pity that ancient warrior is not a human body... :-)