Sunday, February 04, 2007


QEK, this one's for you!

Daniel Radcliffe, one of the biggest names in movies thanks to his role as the boy-wizard Harry Potter, is to appear in a classic stage play about a young man who blinds six horses in a torrid ritual.

The role for Radcliffe is a major one and at one point Radcliffe will be required to reach the height of sexual pleasure - simulated, of course - while riding naked on his horse.

It's a clear signal that Radcliffe wants challenging roles and will not settle for frivolous exploitation of his name.
The play, which caused a sensation when it was first staged at the National Theatre more than three decades ago, explores what happens when the 17-year-old youth is sent to a psychiatrist.

He uncovers the extraordinary forces that drove the young man to harm the horses and there follows a fascinating discourse on Greek mythology, religion, sexual awakening - and arguments about whether psychological healing will do the groomsman more harm than good.


leone said...

Thank you darling! I'm honoured - actually brought a big smile to my face which is much needed on a Monday just before I head off to work.... I'm also amazed at how hot young Potter is - I suppose I'd forgotten that he'd be growing up like the rest of us.

Yum Yum and have a great day!!!


Jon-Marc said...

I think the pictures are great. He actually looks like Elijah Wood from a few years back.

Anyway, hope you are well. I loved the previous post about the two Juans as well. Very sweet.

Keep well and keep happy,

Blogzie said...

He just played an adorable role on the HBO series "Extras" poking fun at his boy-ish-ness and sexuality.

I hated Harry Potter.

Love him.

And you.


Rob said...

I actually remember saying to myself over the past few years that Daniel gets sexier and more handsome with every Harry Potter movie. These pictures show him as the strapping young stud he is...and I say give him another 8-10 years and he will be one of the most beautiful British men on the planet. Thanks for sharing this Don, darlin. Love ya hon. Kisses.

eon said...

wow. The potter boy has grown up. love the adonis belt and the treasure trail.

also, thanks for beautifully sharing the story of your two Juans. 7 years is a mean feat.

CrackerLilo said...

Jesus God, he's definitely in the "Just Wait 'Til He's Legal" club!

cats said...

he grew up nice...

and thanks for the prayers for my family. it means the world to me.