Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snowbird Invasion

On the way to taking Daisy to the vetanarian today, my sister who was driving commented on how many cars on the roads did not have Florida license plates. Indeed it seemed that almost every other car was from out of state and in many cases from the different provinces of Canada.

The snowbirds have arrived in full force.

A recent survey conducted by the University of Florida estimates that close to one million persons relocate to Florida for at least one month during the winter; with most staying three months. This does not include persons here on vacation for 1-2 weeks.

Wonderful for the economy of Florida, but hell to most year round residents.

The roads become congested, the number of accidents increase significantly, the amount of time it takes to get to and from work increases, restaurants are nearly impossible to get into and the beaches are overcrowded.

Thankfully, the exodus north will begin shortly after Easter.

Of course, with severe snow storms presently moving from the midwest to the northeastern states to be followed by another storm next week, while we are enjoying weather in the mid 70 degrees this weekend, who can blame the snowbirds for invading!


BostonPobble said...

As I tend to mutter during summer and autumn (our big tourist seasons) "come on in, spend your money ~ and go the hell away!"

Although, considering I don't remember the last time I was in 70 degree weather, I am willing to live vicariously through you.

ConnieJane said...

We returned yesterday to Ft. Lauderdale from a week's cruise. After we had crossed Alligator Ally and were heading north to Clearwater, I began to point out all the out of Florida plates. Michigan won followed closely by Ohio, New York and Canada. I saw at least one plate from EVERY state east of the Mississippi PLUS California, Texas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Oregon and Minnesota.

They're heeeeere!!!

"T" said...


The nastier the weather is up north, the more they flock down here.

Can't blame 'em.