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777,000 is the number of openly gay two person households in America in 2005, according to the American Community Survey in which the Census Bureau quizzes a statistically representative sample of 14-million households. That's a 30 percent increase from the 2000 census, a rate of growth five times faster than the population as a whole.

The increase was most pronounced in the Midwest, with Wisconsin showing an 81 percent jump in the number of same-sex couples and Minnesota, Kansas, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and Indiana among the 10 fastest growing states in this respect.

What this means, perhaps, is that gay America is becoming more like Middle America. "Much of the stereotype around gays is a stereotype of urban white gay men" says UCLA law school research fello Gary Gates, an expert on the themography of geography of the gay and lesbian population. "The gay population is becoming less like that and more like the population in general."

Gay couples are still more likely than straight ones to live in cities, but the gap is smaller than popularly believed and closing. -The Economist

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Nancy said...

love the new design of your blog.
maybe in our life time we will see more acceptance for all. I hope and pray people realize we are all one race...the human race and stop all of the hate crimes.
Happy 4th

RIC said...

Good news, dear Don, if mentalities are really changing and progressing in «deep America» as well.
I believe something similar is happening around here, but there are no data about it, of course. Gay couples have better incomes and better jobs, in general, so they tend to leave the city life to settle somewhere in the countryside.

Oh your blog looks just beautiful! Congrats! «Sommerstimmung» is all over...
Hugs! :-)

BostonPobble said...

I continue to hope...

And how much do I love that second picture????