Saturday, July 14, 2007


My blogmaster and dear friend Ric (Portugal) is celebrating his first year of blogging anniversary today...... I look forward to many more years of reading De Viris Pulchris et Aliis.

The Two Gentlemen of Portugal
Steve Walker 2004



RIC said...

Thank you so very much, my dear Don! What a wonderful friend you are! It did move me! very touching indeed!
Me too, I look forward to reading Dondon009 for many more years to come. I've learned so much with such a joy from you, dear friend!
Best wishes!
Um grande abraço de Lisboa! :-)

dondon009 said...

Ric.... you continue to be such an inspiration!

Thank you~

Hugs from Florida!


RIC said...

Yesterday I was a bit tired already, so I forgot to mention something that struck me quite intensively!
That window (called «Manueline») where both «gentlemen» are standing has most surely been drawn from memory. However, there's only ONE place where Steve might have seen it: at Belém tower, just a couple of minutes on foot away from my place... And that's the only place too where you can stand in such a window...
There are strange things in life...