Saturday, July 21, 2007


"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it's animals are treated."
Mahatma Gandhi

My PUG Daisy entered my life on June 18, 1995 which is more than 12 years of unconditional love. She has been there for me thru the best of times, and the worse of times.

Throughout the last twelve years, I created a Doggie Diva.... stubborn, spoiled and delightfully demanding; but hopelessly devoted to me.

Six months ago, I noticed that Daisy was having difficulty walking with her back legs and immediately consulted a Canine Geriatric Specialist in a nearby town. Daisy was diagnosed with arthritis and some deterioration in the lower spinal discs; not painful but somewhat uncomfortable. We began a series of treatments, new medications and a perscription diet which, in combination would keep Daisy pain and discomfort free.

Each month, we return for consultation, blood work, prescription dog food and medication. Surgery is not an option and euthanasia is not a even a consideration.

Despite difficulty walking, Daisy remains playful and is enjoying a quality of life many would envy.

Last month during her monthly examination, Daisy had developed an ear infection; easily healed with additional medication, antibiotics.

This week, I noticed a discharge at her left eye which became ulcerated. Today, after a visit to an eye specialist, medications were perscribed as well as a mild sedative. Additionally, Daisy is wearing one of those horrid looking Elizabethan collars to prevent further damage to the eye. I have to dispense eye drop A: 4 times daily, eye drop B: 3 times daily as well as mild sedative to keep her calm. Re-examination in five days. PRAY or send positive energy our way, please.....

The cost for all of the above treatments and medications has become prohibitive but my employer is allowing me to work at home and as long as Daisy remains otherwise healthy and pain free, we will persevere.

As I previously stated, after twelve years of unconditional love I owe Daisy a happy, comfortable, pain free and much longer life. As I write, my other PUG, Muggs is sleeping at my feet. More about my adorable "bad boy" at a later date!

There is another reason for this post. My peers at work asked today if I had posted about Atlanta Falcon football star Michael Vick. I answered NO, I found the subject of animal abuse too upsetting. They asked that I make my voice heard .......

I was unable to sleep last nite. I kept thinking about.........

(CNN) -- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick faces criminal charges and a possible prison sentence for allegedly participating in an enterprise that trained pit bulls for death matches in which spectators bet on the outcome, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.

Vick, 27, and three associates were indicted by a federal grand jury in Richmond, Virginia, on a conspiracy count alleging they bought and sponsored dogs in an animal fighting venture and traveled across state lines to participate in illegal activity, including gambling.

According to the indictment, dogs that didn't show enough fighting spirit, or that lost matches, were put to death by a variety of methods, including shooting, drowning, hanging and electrocution and on at least one occasion a dog was thrown to the floor to it's death

Prosecutors alledge that on one occasion earlier this year, Vick participated in killing eight dogs.

Michael Vick has a 120 million dollar contract with the Atlanta Falcons as well as several endorsement contracts, including NIKE.

It's time to show the dog fighting world that animal abuse is illegal and will not be tolerated in America.

I urge you to contact the Atlanta Falcon organization and voice your concern. There is a pre printed ready to submit form at PETA.

Please take a minute to visit their site and become involved!



Though Lovers Be Lost said...

Nothing makes my blood boil more than those wastes of human skin who purposely abuse animals. You may recall the posts I had earlier about that scum who cut the ears of his puppy.

As many times as we have tried to toughen the laws in Canada regarding animal abuse, the redneck contingent from out west manages to kill it every time. Idiots! This is not about farmers, it is about those wastes of skin that abuse dogs, cats, and others. There are stories in the newspapers almost daily up here about the ways in which people abuse their animals. But, as always, our politicians in Canada are thoroughly spineless.

Will keep Daisy and you in my thoughts, with the hope that this is just a bump in the road, and life will carry on as normal very soon.

Many forget, the one place you get unconditional love 100% of the time is from your pets.

Hugs from us to Daisy and Muggs (and a scratch behind the ears)

ConnieJane said...

I am covered in goose bumps from reading your post. That Vicks creep should be on death row and a fine that requires all his endorsement income be given to animal charities.

Dear, dear Daisy. I too hope this is just a bump in the road for her. She and Muggs are lucky pups to have you for a doggie daddy. Talk about unconditional love!

When I was 5 years old my parents brought home a pug puppy. We also named him Mugs. We had him until I was 18. When he was about 12 he too had an ulcerated eye that eventually had to be removed. He adjusted quite nicely and was so cute with that permeant wink on his face.

BTW Daisy... you have the most divine baby picture! xoxo

BostonPobble said...

This is the first one of your posts that I have not been able to read in its entirety (sp?) What little I have heard about what that man did has turned my stomach and made me unable to continue any article. That being said, I went to PETA and sent the email ~ with a personal note from me, of course. 'Cause that's how I roll. :)

As for the rest, you know I'm here...

RIC said...

First of all - and because this is positive thinking! - I wish Daisy gets better as soon as possible! It also moved me knowing that people working with you - and your boss - are helping you go through these difficult days. There are great persons with huge hearts indeed!
Which brings me to those scumbags (is this American enough?) that are as monstruous as to abuse helpless animals. Around here too, you know, and for the very same reasons, the greedy bastards! Their lives must be as empty as an ice desert. Exactly the place they should be sent to: no contact with a living being whatsoever!
That Vick guy must make tons of money. Why did he do it then?! He has to have no soul at all!!! He's dead already!!!
(Now I'm really upset. Better stop right here.)
Wish you a fine Sunday!
Hugs! :-)

cats said...

we opened our home to a pit bull one and she was the sweetest dog ever... she thought that she was about the size of your daisy and therefore a lap dog. it's so sad to me that anyone would turn such loving creatures into fighting machines and then treat them worse than one would even a machine.

prayers for daisy!

"T" said...

You are the greatest daddy in the world for sweet little Daisy (and Muggs)

We have a rescued pitbull who is now 8 years old. He was 4 months old and at deaths door (already) when I took him directly from the hands of a well known pit bull raiser/fighter scum of the universe guy.

"Shotgun" was dumped off at the animal hospital I was working at in Clearwater (I'm sure you know the area and reputation) We nursed him back to health I took him home and we re-named him Domino. He is the greatest dog ever and I know he has no memory of his rough beginning or what might have became his lot in life.

The "people" that take part in that horrible "sport" should be punished within an inch of their lives.

I have cradled more than one battered, torn and beaten pitbull as the doctor euthanized ....another useless, tragic ending. The lucky few are brought in for euthanasia, many of the "losers" are dealt with in other barbaric ways.

This a topic close to my heart and I have witnessed the horrors firsthand.

Not enough is being done to put a stop to it.

Sorry for such a long comment.