Monday, July 09, 2007



I'm honored to have been nominated for the "THINKING BLOGGER AWARD" by one of my favorite BLOGMASTERS, Michael at "Coming Out in Mid-Life in Red America". Michael often writes on bigotry and hypocrisy in the religious and political arenas. Michael also presents a personal look into the difficulties of coming out gay after marriage, fatherhood and divorce. Thank You, Michael.....

I now have the pleasure of nominating five blogs that make me think.

1.) I've chosen as my first nominee, a gentleman from Lisbon, Portugal, my dear friend Ric of: De Viris Pulchris et Aliis. Ric has introduced me to a world of literature, art, music, history and of course the beautiful country where he resides, Portugal. Ric writes in several languages but English and Portuguese dominate. I truly admire and respect Ric.

2.) My second nominee is a delightfully funny, interesting and informative gentlaman from Great Britain, currently living in the Republic of South Korea; Leone of Queer Eye Korea. Leone is a strong advocate of human rights, discusses and is fearless in expressing his opinion of world politics, and has introduced me to Korean food and culture. Leone taught me the difference between football and "football" and has been known to publish some rather interesting "eye candy".

3.) My third nominee is the wonderfully interesting Cracker Lilo of Cracker Lilo's Front Porch. Cracker Lilo is a strong advocate of Gay Rights, Human Rights, Animal Rights, the environment; and is not at all afraid to make her voice heard. Although living in New York state, Cracker Lilo and her spouse L'ailee were married when gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts.....

4.) My fourth nominee is a lady who actually lives is the same small city as me who I've never never had the pleasure of meeting. Connie of Greetings from Florida is a wife, mother, proud grandmother and friend of writes about family, her travels and politics. Connie was my rock, strength and inspiration when Hurricane Katrina destroyed my beautiful New Orleans. She is a strong human and animal rights activist, and gay advocate.

5.) My last but not least nominee is a "young" man who was my inspiration to begin blogging. Brett of Brett Cajun blogs a lot about his favorite subject, which just happens to be Brett Cajun but he does this in an informative, interesting yet humorous way. I admire his fierce competetive spirit, the love of his pets, his devotion to his partner and friends, New Orleans, LSU and "our" Saints. Brett is a "no nonsense" political activist.

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the TAG,

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog).


CrackerLilo said...

I'm going to cry. Thank you so much. I might even take you up on the tag.

Why do I always get complements like this when I post about things like Tony Stewart's wreck and my fluffy white cat attracting dirt when she got trapped between the refrigerator and the wall? Oh, well.

Love you, DonDon, and your blog, too! And I've got four other blogs to read!

RIC said...

Dear Don,
I believe this time I won't write «so much» as I generally do. I can hardly see either the screen or the keyboard...
Well, you are a great soul, and I am truly honoured by meeting you one day, so far away, from Portugal, from Florida...
I'll have to stop now...
Thank you so very much for your most beautiful words! They are even «tastier» to me than the award itself, because those words are you, dear Don!
Hugs from Lisbon!


Thank you so very much Don! I have seen this award going around the blogworld, but I never thought in a million years that ** I ** would get it! I would think maybe "Asshole Blogger of the Year" or "Narcissitic Prick of the Year" ... but not this great HONOR!!!! LOL!

THANK YOU DON!!!! I am so very glad I moved you to start blogging. Thanks for the honor. I am smiling ear to ear right now! BIG HUG! LOVE YOU! :)

leone said...

Hey Don - Thanks!! I'm absolutely sure it's not deserved especially since I haven't posted for so long.

All my electronic devices have decided to go down on me (oooer!!) just as I'm trying to make a move! That includes my laptop (required reformatting - lost all data and is now behaving strangely in some ways). My cell phone isn't working as it won't charge - so off to the Samsung service centre again!

Oh Joy of Joys - but nice thought from you - as soon as things start working properly (including life!) I'll be back to blogging.

Have a great week.... Leone xx

BostonPobble said...


ConnieJane said...

Oh my.... I'm speechless. What kind words. FYI, I visit here more than once a day to see what you have to say. xoxo