Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bees, Fleas and other signs of Spring!

Despite the fact that we've had some nasty cold fronts courtesy of our friends from the north, the weather is perfect....... Spring, my favorite time of year in Florida! Along with the warm weather, the dogs have opened individual "FLEA MOTELS! Yep, it seems every time my dogs walk out the door, they have these neon signs on their backs blinking "OPEN FOR BUSINESS"!With each flea bite, the dogs develop small bumps all over their bodies.... making the short hair in the bitten areas stand on end. NOT a pretty sight. PUNK ROCK PUGS! Of course we use Advantage..... the miracle drops. Advantage doesn't give a warning sign to they hit anyway. Hopefully the fleas die which means no fleas in the house.... but it doesnt prevent the initial strike! Then we have bees........ I wait a whole year for my first gardenia plant to blossom...... and the flowers are beautiful. I decide to pick one and oops.........the attack of the bees! I drop the gardenia and head for the house. If I'm gonna get stung, it's not gonna be by a bee, dammit! This just was not my freakin weekend.

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