Sunday, March 20, 2005

The First Day of Spring

The weather, as expected in Florida is delightful today;
the azaleas are in full bloom, the gardenias are budding.
I walked the dogs down to the gulf and the boats are
sailing on the water............ This is the perfect time of

Of course, there is a downside at the moment.
It's spring break and the roads are cluttered with
tourists who have no clue where they are going.
From where I live, it usually takes less than ten
minutes to get to the beach. At present, it takes
more than an hour.
It's very easy to tell the tourists from the residents
right now......... the tourists are the ones stopping
for gas; shoeless and wearing bikinis or some
reasonable facimile and sporting very painful
looking sun burns...
It's the "Look at me, I've been to Florida"
We of course, are still wearing sweaters and
slax and waiting for the warm weather. After
all, its only 75 degrees dammit. Get a grip!