Monday, March 28, 2005

One Day At A Time

Anger and grief continue to overwhelm me but
life has to go on.......

I'm trying to keep myself busy in order not to

At work, I'm like a speed demon. I finish one
assignment and quickly look for something else
to do. My co-workers tell me to slow down.....
but if I slow down, I might start to think again.

At home, the dogs are getting more exercise
than ever. Daisy might actually lose a few
pounds. And spring cleaning is being attacked
with a vengence.

Satruday evening I went out with friends.
I usually have four drinks in an entire evening.
That nite, I had four during my first hour.
I decided to excuse myself and go home.
Probably a very safe decision.

I'm planning my trip to New Orleans....... the
one bright spot at the moment. This will be
my birthday celebration on June 18th.
My friend Tim is flying in with me
and another friend Bill will be meeting us

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