Tuesday, March 15, 2005

St. Pete Pride Art Festival

St. Pete Pride Art Festival
Another exciting day began with a visit to the St. Petersburg Pride Art show, where my friend Vinny Papaleo had just won 2nd prize (a ribbon and $500.00). Congratulations Vinnie! Vinnie had several art works for sale (sketching on metal) and also donated one to the silent auction where minimum bids of $5.00 had already reached a high of $80.00 before I left.
While there, I telephoned my friend Cindy from work to let her know I was at an art show less than 4 blocks from her house. To my surprise, Cindy arrived with her husband and daughter.
After meeting my friends and viewing the art, we stopped by Georgie's Alibi where we had several Bloody Mary's on the patio.
Saying goodbye to Cindy and family, Tim and I stopped by the Pro Shop Pub in downtown Clearwater where we had three more Bloody Mary's. Needless to say..........I was feeling "no pain" on the way home. The pain ... aka ... HEADACHE FROM HELL only started after I hit the bed .... and of course lasted until mid morning Monday! Back to work Monday's are difficult in themselves but trust me, back to work Mondays with a HANGOVER FROM HELL is much worse.

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