Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why, Why, Why

I have no clue.
It's not like I have nothing else to do, or is it?
Actually I've been contemplating doing this
for a long time now, so let's get started!
I've been on AOL for almost five years and
my introduction to the great big world of
computers began in a chat room.

Now I'm getting ahead of myself.
First of all, as you have probably guessed
especially if you know how to spell,
I'm a single male living in the sunshine state
(unless we're having a hurricane) with my two
PUG dogs Daisy, (the love of my life) and
Muggs, (the child of the devil).
My age ..... can we please just say.....
"it's not the age, it's the attitude", but I felt
very comfortable in that first chat room!

I have one sister ... "The Diva",
a brother-in-law ... "The Diva's Husband",
and a nephew ... "The Sheriff" which means,
Uncle Don better BEHAVE!
They all live close by.
Mom and Dad choose to remain frozen ...
so they live in Canada.

Professionally, I've chosen to remain broke
by working in Social Services. I'm a Case Manager
to persons with Developmental Disabilities.

Choosing not to bore you any longer, my next blog
will introduce you to an eclectic mix of somewhat
interesting individuals ..... The Men and Women of
Chat Room my favorite chatroom and local friends;

as well as updates on what is happening in my
"I can't believe this is happening" life!

1 comment:

Rick said...

And as the aboved Friends will testify , Don , is a wonderful human being ! And is thought of everyday by myself. Love Ya ! Buddy .... You can kindly use discretion on the topic of Ohio , If you would please , It's still a blur to me . LOL 1 day I might even open that champain you gave me . Love ya !