Sunday, November 20, 2005

Holiday Cooking Nightmares...

I'll never forget the first time I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. An eighteen pound Turkey would be perfect for 4 with leftovers for the weekend!
I pre heated the oven to 325 degrees, took that bird out of the refrigerator rinsed and patted it dry, and into a roasting pan and finally the oven it went......
I spent the next two and one-half hours cooking up a storm of potatoes, vegetables, and stuffing.
Friends were due to arrive in about 20 minutes when I decided to check the bird. The oven was hot, I tested the bird and it suddenly became apparent that a telephone call was in order.
I called my mother in Canada.

ME: "Mother, I've had the turkey in the oven at 325 degrees for approximately two hours now, and it's still partially frozen (skin a golden brown, inside frozen solid) !"

MOM: (laughing) "Jerry (my father) YOUR son is cooking a frozen turkey."

DAD: (laughing) "Tell YOUR son to leave it alone, he can have it for breakfast tomorrow morning."

The turkey ended up in the dumpster, I entertained my friends at a nearby restaurant............ A SAD BUT TRUE STORY!


sttropezbutler said...

That's a classic.

I'm having shrimp for T-Day!




No good deed goes un-punished.


Blogzie said...

Well honey, you poor thing!

Too funny, but you gave it your best shot.

Yo! It's Photo Sunday!

Where's my DonDon?


Ruben said...

My cooking is so bad that no one in my family will allow me to cook for them.

Sly Boots said...

LOL ... men can't cook.. I'm an excellent example too. :D

CrackerLilo said...

*giggles* Absolutely hilarious story, and truly the stuff of Thanksgiving memories! You can be thankful a restaurant was open! :-)

Some men can cook. My brother's not only cooking a classic turkey, but making a turducken. He did a good job of it last year (so I heard; I'm allergic to poultry myself.) Last year he called Mom a bazillion times, this year he wants to send her to do errands or something while we take over her kitchen! :-)

I think he may be an anomaly, though.