Thursday, November 10, 2005


We are saved!

According to one of the members of the Christian Coalition who attended the Hillsborough County school board meeting this week "we no longer need to worry about hurricanes or other wrath from on high now that the board has reinstated the religious holidays that were previously taken off the school calender.

Here's the story:

Local Muslims asked to have Eid-al-Fitr included as a school holiday. The key word is included; no one was asking to cancel Christian and Jewish holidays...... The school board removed Yom Kippur, Good Friday and the Monday after Easter (no one seems to know what religious holiday that is) instead of allowing Eid-al-Fitr as a holiday.... This , of course caused the Christian evangelicals and all the other nutsoidz in Hillsborough County to go ballistic.

Soooooo... fearing the wrath of God and His representatives here in Hillsborough County, the school board this week re-instated the holidays originally removed from the school calender, minus of course, Eid-al-Fitr. I think terror struck their mini brains after one speaker at the meeting intimated that a hurricane could very well hit Tampa Bay next year should the school board not see the light.

Here are some examples of the e-mails the School Board received from those "Christians" who were quick to point out that America is a CHRISTIAN country and should have christian holidays.

"I am sick of this. Either adopt my country's founding principles and Christian heritage or leave."

"Please do not bow to Muslim pressure. If they want special religious holidays, let them go back to their country of origin!...Who is next? Wickens [sp], Scientologists, Voodoo?"

This is the best one!

"If you - as a Board - take this stance, then be assured that the Christian majority will do everything in its power to ensure that you are voted out of leadership. And the moral decline in our schools will rest solely and squarely on your shoulders."



BostonPobble said...

GACK! Part of me wants to laugh; part of me wants to cry; and part of me wants the Tampa Bay school board to be in charge of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING if they have such clout with God. ;) I guess we're back to "religious freedom" meaning religious freedom for white, straight, landowning, male Puritans, huh? (and it's 'wiccans' just so you know)

dondon009 said...

Pobble.... of course the Don knew how to spell wiccans..... apparently the evangelicals don't.

I copied that exactly as the original e-mail had been written....!

You know I'm smarter than that, don't ya?

ConnieJane said...


No hurricanes in '06 for Hillsborough County. Great news! Does that mean Pinellas is also exempt? After all, we didn't change any of our holidays over here either. Just curious because this preparing for the worst business is getting old.

Weather here is beautiful.... some of the powers that be, not so much.

Blogzie said...

I am afraid.

DonDon, you might need to hold me like a baby.

Can't we just outlaw religion? Why don't the Christians go back to their 'homeland".

Oh, that's right, they can't.

RayGun shut down all of the state hospitals in the 1980's.

Love from,