Thursday, November 17, 2005

-- Record low support for U.S. President George Bush among Florida voters has dragged down support for his brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as a future president.

By a 24-point margin -- 61 percent to 37 percent -- Florida voters disapprove of the president's performance, which is the lowest recorded in a similar poll by Connecticut's Quinnipiac University poll.

With those poll numbers, a third addition to the Bush White House dynasty looks unlikely soon from Thursday's poll, as 33 percent of Florida voters said they "definitely" or "probably" would vote for Jeb Bush, while 58 percent say they "probably" or "definitely" would not vote for him if he were to run for president in 2008.

Jeb Bush has consistently said he was not planning to run for president in 2008.

Let's hope he means it!

HAMDEN, Conn., Nov. 17 (UPI)


Blogzie said...

Oh yes indeed.

We must certainly cross our fingers and toes that he does mean it and he will not run.

But can we ever trust anything that any of them say?



ConnieJane said...

Let's hope that when he says he's not interested in running in 2008, that applies to any Presidential election in the future as well!

I know someone who's son currently works for Jeb. He insists the little shurb will run for President at some time. My fear is that he's not running in '08 because of the poor ratings brother is getting but will make a go of it in the following election. Let's all hope I am horribly wrong!

Qivan said...

I've had enough Bush's for a life time.

sttropezbutler said...

Prune all the Shrubs!