Friday, June 15, 2007



TWINS ~ Joseph and Jason Barbera


RIC said...

... You should be punished for disrupting my work in such a provocative way! Lol!
They're as gorgeous as can be! And the way they cast their looks is sooo sensual... OmG! I'm sooo out of here!... :-)

ConnieJane said...

Your Friday theme lately seems to involve twins...anything you'd like to share? ;)

Sunny and relaxing weekend to you Don!

dondon009 said...

Ric...... you are too funny! I promise not to post photos of gorgeous, sensual men again.... (until next week)!

Connie...... my astrological sign is Gemini (the twins).

What better way to spend my birthday than being surrounded by
handsome twins?

The fantasy doesn't get any better than that!


ConnieJane said...

Happy Birthday dear Don!

Enjoy to the fullest!

RIC said...

Yesss! Dear Don, it's a deal: no more gorgeous hotties... until next time (soon!) Lol!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, dear Don! Have a fantastic day! Amuse yourself the best way possible!
What about a pair of twins as a birthday present?... I wish I could send you some... Lol!
Hugs! :-)