Friday, June 15, 2007


It can't possibly be true, right? The military studied a cockamamie scheme to develop a chemical bomb that would somehow turn enemy soldiers gay so they would give up fighting? (Read it and weep.)
There are many things that make us proud to be Americans. The Constitution. The moon landing. The Simpsons. Now there's a new entry in the national-pride pantheon: the gay bomb.

Yes, the military that brought us Don't Ask, Don't Tell also had the brilliant idea for trying to undermine the enemy by using bombs as instant disco balls. According to an Air Force lab's 1994 proposal for nonlethal weapons, obtained by a California watchdog group, "One distasteful but completely non-lethal example would be strong aphrodisiacs, especially if the chemical also caused homosexual behavior."

"The Ohio Air Force lab proposed that a bomb be developed that contained a chemical that would cause enemy soldiers to become gay, and to have their units break down because all their soldiers became irresistibly attractive to one another," Edward Hammond of the Sunshine Project told KPIX-TV, a San Francisco CBS station.

Hammond used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain a copy of the proposal from the Air Force's Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio. Pentagon officials on Friday confirmed to the TV station that military leaders had considered, and subsequently rejected, the gay bomb project.

The lab also proposed developing chemicals "that attract annoying creatures to the enemy position and make the creatures aggressive and annoying. Stinging and biting bugs, rodents, and larger animals would be candidates to be drawn to the enemy positions." (Read the proposal at

How serious was Wright Lab about all this? They wanted $7.5-million for the project. Now that's American entrepreneurship, know-how, and idiocy at their best!

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cats said...

did you ever watch mork and mindy in the 70's? there was an episode where mork made some new friends then later discovered they were the kkk. at the end he used his alien powers to turn all of them into the people they hated.

that being said... i know exactly who i'd like to have this gay bomb be tested on.

leone said...

They should be careful - that bomb might just turn them into the Alexander The Great variety and that would rather defeat the object!!

Have a great weekend Don!

ConnieJane said...

If Harry Potter survives in book 7 they might want to recruit him and his magic wand to do the deed, chemical free. I volunteer my service to see to the negotiations for a mere 5 million.

Though Lovers Be Lost said...

Well honey, there's your tax dollars at work (sigh)

Of course, while money is being pissed away on nonsense like this, they have cured cancer, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis (need I go on?), have ended world poverty, and everyone is middle class at least.

yeah right.

Who is the hypotwit who comes up with this goofy shit?

I thought we had cornered the market on nitwits in Canada... apparently I was wrong.

RIC said...

Is this a pre-weekend joke or another Bush's episode? Has he been deinking again?
Well, Don, I guess your money keeps on going down the drain...

dondon009 said...

Ric...... sadly this was not a joke~

As for my money, it's all going down the drain to fund the Bush war in Iraq!