Saturday, June 02, 2007


After several months of experiencing some of the worst drought conditions in the history of the southeastern part of the United States, it is raining!

Yesterday, the first day of hurricane season introduced tropical storm Barry to the Gulf of Mexico and is slated to affect the Tampa Bay area this afternoon. The storm is poorly organized and winds are not expected to exceed 40 miles per hour. We are presently on tornado watch until 3:00 PM.

Torrential rain, which is a welcomed site to this area and to the entire state of Florida began at approximately 3:00 pm yesterday and has presently intensified in the Tampa Bay area where the puglets and I live. Hopefully, it will move to the northern parts of the state which have been devastated by brush fires; at times so intense that we felt the effects here, more than 50 miles away.


BostonPobble said...

Lithus is also hoping for the rain to reach the northern parts of the state. So long as there is rain and not just lightning strikes!

cats said...

we had LOTS of hail yesterday and a friend elsewhere in the country was close enough to a tornado to take a picture of it on her phone before running for shelter.

tis the time of the year for weird weather

RIC said...

Good for you!
Around here we've been waiting for better/higher temperatures for quite some time now... It has been nothing but windy and cold...
This weekend is the first with day temperatures above 20ÂșC! Great! :-)

ConnieJane said...

Wasn't it awesome?!!!

Just what we in the nick of time for our yard!

D-Man said...

Yay! (Except fot the tornados...)