Tuesday, June 05, 2007

2-Spirited People

On my previous blog, I posted several Gay Pride 2007 posters including a Pride poster from Toronto, Canada.

At the bottom of this poster, after the term transgendered, is the term 2-spirited. I paid no attention to this until Pobble Thoughts, in the comment section asked what the term meant.

It was time to add legitimacy to my post.

I went to the Toronto web site where I did a word search for 2 spirited which brought me to the 2-Spirited Nation telephone number. I telephoned and explained to the receptionist my reason for calling and was then connected to Art, The Executive Director of the 2-Spirited Nation. A conversation with this wonderful gentleman proved to be a delightfully informative learning experience.

The Canadian branches of the 2-Spirited Nation are exclusive to persons of Aboriginal descent and native North American Indians.

Two-Spirit People, or one called a 'Berdache', or even one of the 'third gender', are individuals no longer categorized as either gay or lesbian, transgendered or bisexual, but instead now placed into the 2-spirited category. Those who, in many Aboriginal and Native American Cultures, are respected and looked apon as people who are both male and female, making them more complete, more balanced than simply a man or a woman. Before those from Europe came from across the waters, and took over their land, these people were part of the 'norm', connected with the very heartbeat of the life force we are all part of.

People who were two-spirited were considered to have a great gift of vision that went beyond most people's abilities. Because of the nature of the two-spirited person, it was believed that they could understand and help solve problems that both women and men have individually or between each other. They possessed the ability to see an issue from both perceptions. Two-Spirited people were not only considered normal, but a vital and much needed part of the natural world and of the community as a whole."

As I was posting this, Blogzie was leaving a comment to my previous post, also explaining from personal experience, the 2-spirited tradition. Thank You, Blogzie..... and Thank You Pobble..... for further enriching my life.

2-Spirit Nations flag raising on Pride Day.... Toronto, Ontario Canada City Hall


cats said...

i've heard about 2-spirited people before, but forgot that's what they are called. (perhaps from too much partying in college)some native american cultures are not supportive of such people, but others are very much so and consider them holy and special.

RIC said...

Dear Don!
Now it's my turn to say 'thank you' for this great lesson in true American ancient culture.
So many great, important things and values we people from the Old World threatened to ban and/or destroy forever. What a huge loss it would have been if it hadn't been preserved with all the many risks involved, of course!
Thank you! :-)

Nancy said...

You are you mind if I copy your post and post it at work.
We all need to be reminded we are one Race the Human Race.
thanks and love

Though Lovers Be Lost said...

If you're ever in Toronto, you've always got a spot at my table :)

I'll be sure to let you know once I post pictures from this year's parade on my blog.