Thursday, June 21, 2007


This video comes from one of my BLOGMASTERS and dear friend, Connie.

The senate will soon vote on the Matthew Shepard Act, the hate crimes bill. Opponents of civil rights for gay lesbian bisexual and transgendered people in America have drawn a line in the sand and are working 24/7 to stop this important bill. We must counter the voice of the radical right with the voice of the LGBT and allied communities who support human rights for all people.

The irony is that 73% of Americans support this bill’s measures, but the majority of people contacting senators oppose the bill. We can not be silent. The senate and the president must hear from supporters of the Matthew Shepard Act.

Please WATCH THE VIDEO and then click on the link below to send a letter to your senator today!
Time is running out.......... CLICK HERE!


ConnieJane said...

Thanks Don. Can't post the information too many times now can we?

Contact those powers that be everyone!

RIC said...

Great initiative, Don!
Congrats on your commitment!
I hope you're successful and wish you all the best!