Sunday, June 24, 2007


Tyler Whitney, is an 18 year old self-professed up-and-coming conservative activist who currently works as a webmaster for the GOP's most rabidly anti-gay presidential candidate Tom Tancredo.

Whitney also reportedly leads an antigay political group on his college campus and has carried a "Go Back in the Closet!" sign at an antigay protest.

Recently, Between the Lines, a gay newspaper in Michigan published a story that noted Whitney has told some friends that he is gay, which was then picked up by loads of national gay bloggers.

Bay Buchanan, an adviser to Tancredo, has said that Whitney's "sexual preference is a personal matter" and that it should have "nothing to do with the campaign."

But Noted gay advice columnist
Dan Savage disagrees:

"Sorry, Bay, but gay-bashing thugs-people like you, your horrible brother Pat, your vile candidate-can't have it both ways.

If Whitney's sexual preference is a personal matter, then so is mine. If Whitney's sexual preference shouldn't have anything to do with the campaign, then neither should mine-nor should the sexual preference of any other American.

But so long as the GOP attacks gay Americans, Whitney's sexuality-and his hypocrisy-has everything to do with the campaign."

Whitney is most likely wishing he could quietly "Go Back in the Closet!"

Talk about hypocrisy!

Dan Savage continues:

Some folks will question the ethics of outing a messed up 18 year-old.

Like lots of young 'mos from conservative backgrounds, Whitney seems to have compensated for his sexuality by going off the anti-gay deep end. What better way to cover up for your homosexuality than working against the rights of gay people?

But by eighteen you're old enough to know better-if you're 18 and gay in America, you're old enough to know that you don't have to live a lie.

If you're 18 and gay and not ready or willing to come out, you're old enough to know that keeping your closeted mouth shut about gay issues is the option that doesn't make you a flaming hypocrite.

And if you're 18 and closeted and gay and politically active, as Whitney was, you're old enough and savvy enough to know that aligning yourself with anti-gay politicians, marching with assholes that carry "Straight Power!" signs at anti-gay rallies, and being best buds with a guy that thinks gays should be imprisoned is as good as painting a bulls eye on your back.

You not only risk being outed, you invite it.

Hell, you've earned it.


BostonPobble said...

"Hell, you've earned it." So, so true. All 18 year olds are stupid, bless them. It's part of their charm. This was just downright inane and self-destructive. Hopefully he can stop hiding now, though. Which may be all he really wanted down in the dark corners we all have. Or he might just have been an idiot.

RIC said...

Do derailed children feel the urge to enter politics in the USA nowadays, especially if they're so shameless and used to lie «with every single tooth they have in their mouths» (as we say around here)? In this case the situation is a lot more serious than I thought it was, even if they're only 18...

cats said...

goes to prove another one of my theories... some of the biggest homophobes are often most afraid of themselves.