Monday, December 19, 2005

Empress Josephine and her PUG Fortune

1796: Napoleon and Josephine marry and retire to the wedding bed. Josephine's dog Fortune, a pug who has had sleeping privileges, resents the intrusion and bites his rival on the calf.

" He sat beside his mistress and growled, and on one occasion, bit Josephine's favorite writer, Antione Arnault, on the calf." Gilbert Stenger

Somehow, somewhere Daisy and Fortune must be related. Pugs in general are friendly with one exception........ and that would be my girl Daisy.

When I walk the dogs in the evening, people will be passing by across the street and it never seems to fail....... "Oh look, Pugs. How cute, can we pet them?" I don't even have a chance to open my mouth before they start crossing; and it begins. I see it coming. The low growl, followed by the scratching of paws on the ground, dirt flying; followed by hair standing on end, with finally the barking. Daisy is in "protect daddy mode, and she's doing it well. The lovely people start walking backwards and finally continue on their way. "Damn, that's some mean ass pug" or worse, I hear. I smile and whisper softly, "good girl, Daisy!"

At home, Muggs becomes the guardian. When the outdoor security lights go on, trust Muggs to be immediately at the door and barking.


Of course if you're an invited guest, trust the pugs to make you feel welcomed. They love to entertain and their antics can be quite amusing. But the word remains "invited guest!"


BostonPobble said...

We used to call it the "I'm On Duty So Back The Hell Off" noise. Sounds like they both have it and know their duties well. Ain't it great? :D

Hypoxic said...

If it were me I'd look at them from across the street and say "aren't they cute" and stay on my side of the street LOL


If I ever meet them they are just gonna have to get used to many kisses on those adorable mugs.