Saturday, December 03, 2005

God and politicians!

Some Christians seem to me inclined to lose track of love, compassion and mercy. I don't think I have any special brief to go around judging them, but when the stink of hypocrisy becomes so foul in the nostrils it makes you start to puke it becomes necessary to point out there is one more good reason to observe the separation of church and state: If God keeps hanging out with politicians, it's gonna hurt his reputation.

Quite a few people have been mishearing the Lord lately. The Rev. Pat Robertson thinks the Lord told the people of Dover, Pa., they shouldn't ask for His help anymore because they elected a school board Robertson doesn't like. And Rep. Richard Baker of Louisiana said right after Hurricane Katrina that "we finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did it."
It is my humble opinion that some folks should do a lot more listening to God and a lot less talking for Him.

In that category, I put a whole passel of politicians including that God-fearing professional patriot Rep. "Duke" Cunningham of San Diego. Cunningham resigned his office after pleading guilty to having accepted $2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors. Rep. Tom DeLay, who is under indictment in Texas, is another fine parser of the Lord's intent.

I'm afraid one actually has to allow for the denial and self-delusion that make it possible for people to be both self-righteous and sleazy at the same time. We are all capable of fooling ourselves in a grand variety of ways.

Here we sit, watching a great, stinking skein of corruption being fished to the surface of Washington, while the town is simultaneously filled with a great babble about God, prayer and morality. Corruption trails head off in all directions lobbyists, wives, jobs, perverting intelligence, outing agents for petty revenge, all this and a Prayer Breakfast every day.

[Syndicated columnist Molly Ivins]


sttropezbutler said...

Molly is a brill.

I love it that all we hear about now is that is MUST BE CALLED CHRISTMAS.

How about we feed the starving, find homes for the homeless, end WAR around the world....but no...IT HAS TO BE CALLED CHRISTMAS!



cats said...

this is why i need to be the spokesperson for the religious left. God could use much better publicity than the rest of these crazies (did i type that out loud?) are offering.

Hypoxic said...

LOL @ "If God keeps hanging out with politicians, it's gonna hurt his reputation"!

Great article. Thanks for posting it.