Thursday, December 15, 2005

"The Vice President for Torture"

Dick Cheney used to be portrayed in cartoons as the ventriloquist of the administration, his hand inserted into a George W. Bush puppet. Now the cartoons of the vice-president have a darker tone, with his hands controlling various instruments of torture.

The image reflects his dominant role in efforts to prevent Congress from outlawing the use of any interrogation methods deemed to be cruel, inhumane or degrading. After he lobbied senators to dismiss the amendment a Washington Post editorial dubbed him: "Vice-President for Torture".

Bowing to bipartisan pressure on Capitol Hill and international uproar, President Bush has agreed to back legislation specifically barring the torture of prisoners held by the US.

The change of course by the White House was a big victory for Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican who last month crafted a resolution outlawing "degrading, cruel and inhumane" treatment of detainees that passed the Senate by 90 votes to nine.

Vice-President Dick Cheney lobbied senators in person to revoke the amendment, but was undercut when the Republican- controlled House, normally more obedient to the White House, also voted by an overwhelming margin for a similar measure.

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Hypoxic said...

My fear is that Bush and company will continue to figure out a way to torture those they believe might have information (outsourcing, etc.). It's part of their "the end justifies the means" philosophy that has permeated this Administration. Torture. Internal spying. Promoting faulty intelligence. Etc., etc. etc.

Torture is un-American. Period. It's not the way we do business or at least not the way we should be doing business. There is no excuse for it and very little value in it. Cheney pushing for it really, really upsets me. 2008 can not come soone enough!