Saturday, July 02, 2005

And I Quote!

Say WOW!

The art of Glen Hanson

"I can arrive quickly and say YEA, or I can take the scenic route and upon arrival say WOW !"


The first day of my four day weekend is hot and humid, so it's time to shop where the stores are cool.My first stop, Stein Mart where I pick up a lovely polo shirt. Next, to the grocers for chicken breasts. I get home, marinate the chicken and bake it to perfection, after which I cut it into bite size pieces and ... you got it... feed it to the dogs. I head to Burger King for a double whopper with cheese, no lettuce and a side of onion rings. There's something wrong with this picture; I just haven't figured it out yet.

Friday evening, its the Pro Shop Pub for cocktails. Robert, cute, cute, cute is bartending and makes my gin and tonic just the way I like them. I'm happy. It's quiet tonite but my friends Tim and Vinny eventually stroll in which makes me happier. There is one cutie in the bar who has caught my attention but the next thing you know, cutie is at the far end of the bar with his tongue down the throat of some troll. Cutie is no longer cute. A few more drinks and its time to head home. Alone again, naturally. Just the way the dogs like it!

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