Sunday, July 17, 2005

Going to the Dogs.....and Cats

The weather was brutal today, hot and humid. Hurricane Emily is somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico but heading towards the East, which means we've been spared again.

After feeding the dogs breakfast, I realized I was running out of dog food (I mix baked chicken with Science Diet) and headed for Pet Smart to stock up. While in the shampoo area, I glanced up to see my sister shopping for her two pekes and cat. We began chatting and noticed my nephew and his girlfriend coming down the main aisle with a shopping cart full of supplies for their rottweiler and two cats. My entire family is here with the exception of my brother-in-law who stayed home, and mom and dad who would have had to fly in from Canada for this reunion.

We're a small, but close family. Although my family knows about and totally approves of my lifestyle (they would be happier if I had a "significant other"), I try to "behave" myself because my nephew and his girlfriend are both Sheriffs in this (Pinellas) county.
Besides the animals that are part of our households, my sister and I belong to a group of people who foster local stray cats. In order to minimize the stray population and prevent cats from being euthanized, we capture, spay/neuter and inoculate, pay for medical and flea treatment as needed, commit to feeding and release area strays.
Although these strays could become part of our households, they are happier on the outside. Mine actually walks with the dogs when we go outside, but refuses to come indoors.
On my way home from Pet Smart, I received a call from my friend Tim and we decided to meet at the Pro Shop Pub for Happy Hour. While drinking my first Bloody Mary, I realized that I had forgotten my key and would have to break a window to get back in the house. Two Bloody Mary's later our friend Vinny arrived but I knew I had to leave ( I have to be relatively sober when I break this window). The Pro Shop is only a few blocks from my house and while walking home, it started to pour. Are things ever gonna get any better? To make a long story short, I got home drenched, broke a window (the dogs were barking like crazy), got back in the house and here I am! It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!
Tomorrow, the glass repair man. AMEN



Don boo... you have to HIDE A KEY!!!! I always hid a key under a brick or something in a flowerbed. Lord knows I would have had to break MANY windows in the future!

BeachB2336 said...

Honey, when you leave the house, think 3 things. # 1. kiss Daisy. # 2 Kiss Mugs, # 3 THINK, WHERE ARE THE KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!