Friday, July 08, 2005

The Waiting Game

Art by AXEL
Winding down to the weekend...
It's hurricane season in Florida, and already there's "activity in the Gulf!" Each year, at the beginning of June Florida residents are advised to assemble hurricane kits... non perishible foods, water, batteries, candles, etc.
Do most of us pay attention? Of course not and this would of include me. Last year, we had no power for five days in 90 degree heat. You would think I'd learn. Now they're announcing hurricane Dennis forming in the gulf and am I ready, nope. I do have bottles of gin and vermouth, and a jar of olives but I dont think this qualifies as emergency supplies.
Off I go to the grocers to join the ranks of the last minute shoppers and, yep... the shelves are almost empty. Two cans of chicken (dented) and several cans of Spam (light) remain on the shelves. Regular Spam is already sold out which means that in an emergency, "full of fat" Spam is much more desireable than Spam light. I select a few (just in case) items, leave the Spam light on the shelf and head home.
Maybe this will be another false warning, although they have already begun evacuating the keys. I'm directly on the Gulf of Mexico, but I'm in a non-evacuation zone because of the elevation above sea level in my area which means I may not drown or get flooded, but the winds could do a job on the roof, house, landscaping, etc.
It's gonna be a waiting game. Meteoroligists made several miscalculations last year, so no one is taking a chance in making incorrect predictions at the moment. We'll just have to "wait and see."


bigtimmie said...

Yes Dear gin and vermouth with olives do count as an emergency kit

Beachb2336 said...

As long as it's Tangaray or Blue Sapphire.